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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 2127

And what an amazing amazing amazing year it has been. Long story short, for now, I have become a dad. Komal and me have become proud parents of an amazing baby boy who we have named - Prish. Prish is an old english short form for Appreciation. I wanted to name him after an iconic Hollywood Film Director or an Iconic King but Komal decided otherwise. But after seeing her in nearly 12 hours of labor, i decided no one other than a mother should decide on the name of the baby. There is just so much to write and somehow I feel I just don't have that much time as I used to earlier when I started this Blog. I will try and be brief.So since my last blog entry, these are the places I visited:-

Paris, France (2nd Visit),
Amsterdam, France (2nd Visit)
Lucerne, Switzerland,
Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
Matterhorn, Switzerland
Engelberg, Switzerland,
Titlis, Switzerland,
Vaduz, Lichtenstein,
Zurich, Switzerland,
Diu, India,
Gir, India,
Rajkot, India(4th Visit)
Pondicherry, India(2nd Visit)
Agas, India
London, England (2nd Visit)
Dublin, Ireland,
Kingston, England
Nashik-Deolali, India (6th Visit)

I did so many activities.   2 of them were something I wanted to do for a very very long time. One was watching the world's longest running play - The Mousetrap (Now in its 63rd Straight year at West-End London) and the world's longest running Musical - The Phantom of the Opera (Now in its 29th Straight Year). I also worked in the amazing Camden Town office of Getty Images for 3 days and enjoyed the super cold london and even more cold and windy Dublin Weather. Most of my travel stories are documented on Facebook so do visit the pages of December and June 2014 to see the tons of pictures that have been taken.
In this period, we didnt even realize that Little Prish was technically conceived in Paris :-)
And when he was born, for around a month he was perpetually on France National Time(If at all there is such a thing).
The last few years (Before I got married in 2014) were not the most pleasant where my personal life is concerned. A Marriage and an engagement broke off. I lost my folks. I suffered through PTSD. Yes I did travel a lot, I had invaluable support from a few friends and I will be always thankful for that. But emotionally speaking, it was very distressing.  So while travelling and blogging and being with supportive friends did give a temporary support, it could never fill the void of my folks or my partner. And with 2 failed relationships behind me, I had always thought that this was the end of the road for me. And then suddenly in late of 2013, things changed and how. Ever since Komal has come in to my life (And I dont mind repeating over and over and over), my life has turned good. I travelled a lot in 2014 (Probably the most I have ever done in my life), all the legal paperwork that was pending for a long time got a closure, my job, in which I was facing some turbulent times as well, finally fell in place and I am now reporting to one of the most amazing managers in the world.
And now, I have been blessed with a son - On 8th March 2015.
He is nearly 2 months old and has always been keeping very well and so has Komal. I only hope and wish that we have a very normal life and there is no other turbulence to face.
Today, on the eve of my 36th Birthday, I look at all the years gone by. I will be entering the other side or how some people put it, the wrong side of 30. I have seen so many things, been part of so much experience that not too many 35/36 year old  person would have gone through. I could actually write Thesis for atleast 2 PhDs. Imagine this blog that I have been writing since December 2009, contains only a part of my life and yet so many incidences have been not written.A very very good friend of mine had told me, and like most of his prophecies which have come true, that my blog will serve as a purpose for releasing my emotions. And this will become less and less once I get in to a serious relationship which will culminate into a marriage. And this is exactly what has happened, I actually hope I keep writing more and more of my life through this blog till I kick the bucket. I wont say I will be as regular as I was in 2010 and 2011 but I will surely try to be more regular than 2014 (When i wrote just 1 blog).. :-)
I guess I should take leave now.
I hope to get some good rest so That I can have a great birthday tomorrow. And, I hope Gigi Buffon and his Men manage to win against Real Madrid at Home Today in the 1st Leg of the Champion's league Semi-Final. That would be an amazing birthday gift.



  1. its amazing article, i have inspired

  2. I have read some of your articles.
    I am happy to see you tell your story openly and innocently.
    Yes,it does give sense of relaxation and happiness.
    My love and regards to Komal, Prish and you.
    By the way,my son is also 36!