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Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 1626

After a hiatus, I am back. Its been 201 days that I was away and so much has been changed since the time I left for my abroad trip way back in November 2013. So I visited 5 different countries (Including USA), saw my first ever football match, took my first ever cruise, went on my first jungle safari (Still couldn't see the tiger that i wanted to), did my first bungee jump, went to a superb wine-resort 250 odd km away from the city, had a nice stay at an adventure-park resort nearly 120 km away from the city, had the most tedious 6-7 months at work with certain people being given the pink slips, and most importantly, got engaged and married :)
Yes, I finally got married. After all the turmoils that I have been through my personal life, I finally got married to an amazing person - Komal.
Komal is a family friend's daughter who was introduced by my every-loving Bua (Dad's sister). Now, this Bua of mine and dad share the same birth day (Not year) and after whatever has been happening in my life, she was quite concerned that I get some closure. I remember, as kids, whenever My Bua used to come over to my home or if we used to go there, she always got us some gifts. Everytime. I dont remember a single occasion where I havent got any gifts from her. And, what better gift could I have got this time :)
Yes, there were some hiccups here too and there were some chances that I wouldnt have got engaged to Komal, but then all's well that ends well. Komal, besides being a terrific wife is also fitting the bill of my best friend and a mum like figure. Any guy would be so lucky to have her as a companion and for me, its like a 3 in one figure.
I saw so many movies in the last few months, went out for dinners, long drive, bought new clothes, and generally, my personal life couldnt have been any better. After over a year of trying, we also managed to sell off a couple of old properties and will soon buy a new one so that was also one chip off the shoulder of Scrooge and me.
Yes, the paperwork has not ceased but we are hoping it would be minimized by the end of this year.
The last 2-3 years we have been over burdened with tons of paper work and getting to sort them and manage them is a crazy task. Practically every weekend has been spent in either meeting our lawyers or accountants or working out on a deal for our property. But all this has only made us more aware of laws and how to go about things in this bureaucratic country.
I hope to be more regular with my blogs now. Till then, its back to work. 

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