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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 1426

Today is the last day of work before i head for my long annual much awaited holidays. Yes, that was the little surprise i wanted to tell you all. I am heading for a Caribbean Cruise. So that's one more thing off my bucket list once i come back. :)
So this is my plan of action - Bombay - Paris(Stopover) - Miami, USA - Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas - ST Thomas, US Virgin Islands - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Grand Turk - Miami - Paris(Stopover) - Bombay.
This will be the most number of countries i will be covering in a single trip and that is one nice adventure i am eagerly awaiting. Needless to say i had some last minute packing to do which i have finally managed today and as per Murphy's law, i had lots and lots of work at office. Barely got time to breathe. But most of it is now done with so till the time i am on holidays, work wont suffer. I will definitely try to keep everyone posted via FB about my activities but cant give any assurances. But once i am back, i am going to upload my blog and post the pictures as well.
So until i come back, Good bye and Good Luck. 

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