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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 1425

A new yet a regular reader of this blog wanted me to express my feelings in this blog. This friend felt that my previous blog wasn't very emotive. Well, i did write that blog in a semi-sleep state :)
I would say that Diwali time has always been memorable for me. There has hardly been a dull diwali season that i know of. Whether its travelling, being with loved ones, bursting crackers, lighting the diyas, decorating the house, decorating the office, eating sweets and so many other things. I have always enjoyed this part of the year. 2013 was no different. Despite certain personal setbacks early this year, i have come out fine and made peace with it. And have still managed to enjoy the moments and make my life more beautiful and worthwhile. The Baroda trip was just the start. The blog tomorrow night is going to have a bit of a surprise so watch this space for more.
So Monday was a holiday in office as it was the Hindu New Year. And so was tuesday due to Bhau-Bheej.
So monday afternoon, two and a half men decide to catch the show of Ender's game. And what happens, the show gets abruptly cancelled and we end up watching Krrish 3. Yes WTF.
due to circumstances beyond my control I had to watch this piece of cinematic crap. All about a superhero saving the world from a villian who also happens to be his step brother of sorts. With scenes lifted from Spiderman to superman returns to xmen and bits of plot from thor and even gunga-jamuna / deewar.
Rakesh roshan made some decent movies like khudgarz, kaala bazaar and khoon bhari maan. Even his flop, khel(again, inspired from 3 amigos) was entertaining. But what made film critics love krrish 3 is mystery. Reason being, I went to see this crap (as the show of ender's game got canceled) with my 3 year old nephew and even he started screaming towards the last 1 hour, "I want to go home. Stop this please". Unbelievable torture.
Took Junior to the nearby park after that so that he could get some oxygen inside considering the near-death experience we had while watching the film. Next day was cool. Had some errands to run in the morning. Had to get some posters that i had given for framing back.

This is the original signed poster of the entire Juventus FC Team and that of Alesandaro Del Pierro.
Got it from ebay.
Then had to get a travel bag for repairs. And get some money,
Caught up with a friend for a nice dinner at Moksha - Chembur.And then came home hoping to get some good sleep but had to stay watching Juventus Vs Real Madrid Champions league's group match. I managed to see the first half when Juventus lead 1-0 and then slept. To realize next morning that they drew 2-2.
It will take a real miracle to see them in the next stage round of 16.
Work was super piled up due to the long extended weekend. And, like many people, was in no mood of working and with the antarctic temperature in my office, i wanted to run away. Was feeling claustrophobic. Thankfully 6 PM came soon and i rushed out. Went shopping to Phoenix Mills (Details of that in tomorrow's blog). Came home, had some taco salad and started with my blog.
And as promised, here are some of my diwali decoration pics of my home and even that of Taj Getaway Baroda.


  1. Hey Milind. I am looking at connecting with Ms. Chagla. Can you tell me if you have her contact details. I am her student of 1995

    1. Miss Chagla, from what i heard last, has resigned as the School Prinicpal and is leading a retired life in Pune. Your best bet would be to contact the School and see if they can give you the contact details.