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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 1408

A question was asked to me by an office colleague. Over the years of working, how many people did i know? Its been almost 19+ years that i have been working(I even count my days in engineering as work experience and a lot of fellow engineers will agree with me on this one). I have met, thousands(literally) of people of different race, ethnicity, economic diversities and nature. I have over 1150+ friends on facebook. I have personally met atleast 1100 of them. And over the years, counting even the people who are not on facebook, i would have interacted personally with atleast 2000+ people. I do not feel the need to be in touch with all of them but i can safely say that even if i have not met some of them for years, i have always been on cordial terms with 99% of them. For the 1 odd percent that i dont have cordial relationship with, i sincerely hope that we dont cross paths in life. I kept saying that baring the 2 odd years that i spent in my previous organization, my professional life involved me interacting with thousands(again literally) lots of people. And in 17 years, one can only imagine the number of people i have met and spoken to. And that is a prime reason, why away from my professional life, i do not like mixing or interacting with too many people in my personal life. This hasnt gone too well with quite a lot of people. But since those people are not in my shoes, they will never realize how annoying it can get when you have to socialize with people after work and after a hard day of work where i am tired of speaking and talking to people. I need a break from work routine when i come home. After a lot of years, and lots of lessons learnt the hard way, i have realized, or atleast started to realiz one thing, i need to concentrate on someone who i should be loving the most. Someone i should be caring about the most. Someone i should be nurturing more than anyone or anything in the world. And that person is ME.

I am sharing an FB interaction today, that Nithya Shanti had,  that might support a few others...

Q. I'm contemplating agency and how it interrelates with happiness. Would you say that one man's happiness is worth sacrificing the happiness of those around him. Two thoughts I've had: if a man's pursuit of happiness causes sadness to those he loves, how can he truly be happy; but if he sacrifices his own happiness to provide for others (and for whatever reason this doesn't fulfill him and being him happiness) then can those around him truly feel happiness? What are your thoughts on this?

R. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My understanding is simply this: No matter how I live this life, some will be pleased and some will be displeased. So I might as well ensure ONE person is pleased, ME!

I am not here to please others. I am here to live my truth. And when I live my truth, it may inspire others to live their truth without worrying so much about whether it pleases or displeases others.

Real happiness is our natural state, unaffected by the choices and decisions of others. To be affected is to afflicted, not so much by what others do, but by our expectations, attachments and judgements about what they do. No one can cause anyone else to suffer without their active cooperation.

And, on a deeper level, even the idea of agency and separation between individuals can be called into question. Is it really true that there is a separate doer here? Is it really true that others are separate? The common thread in all this is consciousness. Is consciousness really personal?

So as you can see this inquiry can go really deep. I invite you to remain divinely discontented and not settle for any answer, mine or even your own. Go to the root of this question. Stay with it and it will burn through a lot of the dross. I wish you happiness and the ease of wisdom, which is wellbeing.

I saw 2 movies this week. I saw an interesting Hindi Movie - Professor ki Padosan. This movie was released in 1993 and it was the last released movie of one of India's most talented actors, Sanjeev Kumar. Now the movie was long in the making and the lead actor had passed away 8 years before the movie released. The producers had a tough time revamping the script and explaining the absence of the main actor in the movie. One only watched it to see Sanjeev Kumar for 1 last time on the big screen.
On Friday night, i saw Escape Plan - A guy who speaks less and lets his action speak is assigned to break out of the world's maximum security prison. There's the usual double cross and Plan B. With raw action at its best, who better to star than our favorite Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger ? This could have well been The Expendables - 3. Very interesting story except for a much cliched climax. Yet, its a must watch for all English Action movies fan of the 80s and whoever are fans of Stallone/Schwarzenegger.
And since Diwali is coming in 2 weeks, it was time for the annual house cleaning. And since that is my favorite time of the year, i decided, proactively, to start the cleaning process. Atleast of my room. This was going to be a 2 phase thing. First, i had to sort out and file all the important papers and documents. Took almost 1 and a half hours but i did it on Friday night. Next morning, arranged my entire cupboard and hopefully i shall keep it that way for the entire year. My man friday and a part time helper who comes to my home daily helped me too and a big thanks to them too. And my, or rather our home's, man friday actually likes cleaning the home a lot, proactively cleaned the living room and even helped give the main curtains for dry cleaning after nearly 3 years. Usually, mum was the one who did all this. But now since mum is not around, i have decided to be proactive and do it. And thankfully,  99.9% of the paperwork is in place and filed(Atleast mine and the ones common for the house). 50-60% of the house is cleaned. The walls which were filled with Scribbling from my Pablo Picasso of a nephew have been scrubbed and cleaned as much as they could have. So a job well done over the weekend.
I caught up with a friend for dinner in the evening at Moksha and that was a good meeting.
Sunday was spent in relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. No going out. No phone calls. No pending work. Just enjoying reading the newspapers, watching Crime Patrol for most parts of the day and surfing the net. In a bit I will have my dinner and possibly watch a movie on TV or maybe sleep early and call it a day.
I sincerely hope that all weekends are like this.
Also, eagerly awaiting Diwali as then my fun time starts. Lots of activities planned for the month of November.
Will be updating my blog as and when it happens.
Till then, Good evening!!!

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