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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 1403

Wow, i thought i had written the blog on sunday and didnt realize it was a sunday before that.
These 10 days have gone by very fast. What have I done ? Well, actually, nothing all that great. Its been a clockwork life. I have been waking up way too early (Almost 6:45 AM daily), going to work. Facing a different set of challenges every day at work, overcoming them by playing it smartly and then coming back home. Since my work doesnt have physical strain i dont get tired in office but the moment i reach home, i am dead tired to go out or do anything. So it was a big thing for me to go for a family get together on Friday after work and I was very tired when i came home. Since Scrooge was flying to USA next evening, we were getting some stuff organized so that there is no issue in his absence. Next morning i had a few errands to run like going to the bank and getting some stuff for Scrooge while he was busy packing. In the evening I went to see the preview show of Captain Phillips - Now this movie was based on the real life kidnapping of a cargo ship captain by the infamous Somali Pirates. Tom Hanks acts in barely 1 film a year. If Saving Mr Banks does get released this year and if the promos are anything to go by, Tom Hanks could be the first person in film history of the world, to play real life characters, get nominated for 2 different films in the same category and win the Oscar for the best actor. The last 5 minutes of Captain Phillips will prove why Tom Hanks can still give any actor on the face of this planet a marathon run for their money. Brilliant film and top class acting.
Sunday, i had to wake up, yet again, relatively early as had to rush in the morning to meet a guy to get some name transfer thing done for my home's electricity bill. Then i came home and barely rested and i again had to step out for some property dealing that I am doing. I came home and was so tired that i crashed in to bed for an afternoon nap.
In the evening, got some food from my fav restaurant, The Sun and watched it over some WWE style cricket match.
I thought Monday would be the routine headache, but for a change, monday was good at office. A lot of clients that we were following up for a long time, finally cleared most of their old outstanding invoices so that was a big chip of our shoulders. My manager gave a small birthday treat so we ordered food from out and cut the customary cake and generally it was a nice and somber mood.
In the evening, went out for a cuppa with an office colleague who wanted to speak some things with me. I am not at the liberty to discuss anything on what was spoken but I sincerely hope things work out or that office colleague's personal life.
Went for another movie in the evening after work - Fire in the blood - Now, in 2007, Michael Moore had made a documentary, Sicko, a powerful one on the corrupt health care and health insurance companies. Fire in the blood is about the crime of the century, by one of the biggest organized crime sector, the big pharma companies. And relatively smaller companies, like Cipla, trying to make generic drugs and how they have been pushed back by the big pharma. Although it focused only on the Anti-Aids Vaccine, Cipla had similar issues while making generic anti-cancer drugs too. Although not as well made as Sicko, Fire in the blood is still a very good documentary to watch atleast once.
Tuesday was another routine day in office.
Hey, I forgot, last week I also saw another movie - Diana - If the tradition goes right, a Brit Actor/Actress playing the role of someone from the British Royal Family or a famous Brit of the 20th Century, winning n oscar, then Naomi Watts will have very well won it for the Best Actress when the awards will be held in 2014. Although its an average film which focuses only on Lady Diana's relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan (A cousin of Cricketer Imran Khan), it's not as bad as the reviews.

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