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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 1393

Its been a fortnight when all i have been doing is, once again, clearing some paperwork, going to office and if i get time, i watch a movie in the evening. One of the biggest nuisances of living in this country is the amount of paperwork that needs to be done. Whether its banks, government organizations, official work or educational institutions. Scrooge and me are doing certain changes where almost everything that can be done electronically, we are doing that. Whether its payment of utility bills, buying groceries, day trading, investments, banking etc. For some things which is mandatory to have paper work, we have filed everything, although it needs to be more systematic, so that will happen eventually. And in order to do the other things electronically, there is a whole bunch of paperwork involved, and fortunately, we are now at the last leg of it. Hopefully by the end of this year, we would have transferred all our paperwork in the e-format so that there is no chance of it getting lost/misplaced/damaged. I watched a few movies.
The Lunchbox - This was a slow 80's type art movie about a lunchbox switch blooming into a friendship between a soon to be retired old widower and a young mum going through a turbulent marriage. Its a decent one time fare for those who like realistic movies. Decent acting by the lead actors but its too hyped and definitely not the oscar sending stuff that it wanted to be,
Prisoners - This is an extremely intense film about kidnapping of young kids and how crazy it can drive parents. Jack Gyllenhaal has a role similar to Zodiac and acts well. Hugh Jackman is brilliant as a harried father. This movie is certainly not for the weak hearted and is one of the finest suspense films that has come.
Elysium - This one is a look at the not too distant future when the earth will be overpopulated, over polluted and poverty stricken. Basic necessities will be a luxury for the select few. Oh wait, aren't we experiencing all this already ? Matt damon has acted well though its a routine rich vs poor movie. Wouldnt recommend watching it on an imax screen though.
Gravity - I hate 3D. I abhor imax. So when it was announced that Gravity would release in 3d IMAX, i was disappointed. But because, George Clooney was in it, I had to watch it. Frankly, there is no screenplay.  Movie is on the lines of Apollo 13 and a bit of Moon. But the visual effects are great. And I will say, for the first time, watch this one ONLY in imax 3d. And remember, scientifically, you actually can not hear sound in space. Lemme rephrase..I hate movies releasing in imax and 3d left right and centre. I know one documentary which was made specially for imax which was on the international space station, narrated by Tom cruise. So movies like that are bearable. But releasing every action movie / movies with visual effects in 3d and imax is very annoying and stressful for the eyes.
So while a gravity or avatar is welcome in imax/3d...
Releasing sholay, the great Gatsby. The amazing Spider-Man, Happy feet in imax / 3d is taking it too far and making it an headache to watch the movie. I believe movies should be made with imax and 3d technology rather than making a movie and then releasing it in 3d after the reels are released.

A very interesting thing happened after i was coming back home watching Prisoners. My driver, called me and was sounding tense. Reason being, his 6 year daughter was missing and had not come home. I was thinking, this is so surreal. I was watching a movie on kidnapping and suddenly i get a call of someone missing. Fortunately she was found studying in someone's house. Thing was she had gone to a friend's house and didnt inform her folks. Would highly recommend that anyone having kids, should ensure that their kids keep their folks, knowledge about their whereabouts.
I caught up with my best friend on October 2. Since it was a holiday for both of us, we had a nice breakfast at Cafe New York a few mins drive from my house. Then we went to Lamington road where i bought some memory cards for my phone and he bought some bike accessories.
It was good catching up. In the evening, went out with another friend and shopped for some clothes. I actually wanted to but some cargo shorts and trousers but managed to get only 1 cargo trouser. In the evening bought some stuff online, one of them included, bowling shirts, just like the one Charlie Sheen wears in two and a half men :)

And for the first time in many months, we had a full team meeting on Tuesday. Lots of points were discussed and one hopes that this is a regular occurrence and not an once in a blue moon thing.
So barring a few hiccups, work has been going very smooth. This is exactly the kind of an ideal life or a perfect world one is thankful for. Of course, having someone to share it with makes it even more good. So lets see what happens. 

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