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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 1380

Its been quite busy since Wednesday. A long pending issue at work, finally got a resolution that all of us in the finance team had been crying since April of this year. So Thursday and Friday were extremely busy day at work. Of course, we didnt get 100% results as expected, but atleast there was a start, and i can safely say that atleast 50% of the task is done. Which is better than not starting at all and getting nothing done. Friday was a nice day at office otherwise too. It was a colleague's birthday and after a long time, we had the entire staff having lunch together. Of course, one never gets 100% attendance in such things as 1 of the guys was out at a client's office for that long pending work. But i look at things positively and a team lunch is much appreciated and a good thing. There was the traditional cake cutting in the evening and then i went to see a movie - Malavita after work. Now Malavita was released in some countries as Family. Our Friend Robert DeNiro played a gangster. Tommy Lee Jones was the cop on trail. Luc Besson as director and Martin Scorsese as an executive producer. A big reference to Goodfellas(also about witness protection program). This one is a must watch and a full 5 out of 5, irrespective of what the bloody newspaper critics say.
Next morning, 2 and a half men were off to see Rush at a matinee show. This one is based on the famous F1 rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt. This one is like a F1 race, extremely fast  paced and well acted and directed. Ron Howard proves, again, to be great in adapting real life incidents in to films. Although there were some factual errors, this one is still a movie worth seeing. Surprised that a Ron Howard movie was not marketed well. Came back home and decided to take a nap in the afternoon which was good. In the evening had some New Yorker's Pizza and then went to see another movie 2 Guns. This one has Denzel Washington playing a bad ass wise cracking cop. So enough Said and go watch it :)

I thought i would sleep till late on sunday but considering that i am so habituated to waking up by 7:30 every day that even on my work offs, i end up waking around that time, never mind what time i have slept the previous night. So sunday was spent relaxing, and watching my fav movie - Schindler's List on TV and eating Pizza for lunch. In the afternoon, Scrooge and me attended our first ever AGM in our society. Thankfully there were no heated arguments but lots of healthy discussions. Hopefully in the next few weeks, i will participate more in these activities of the building because the committee members have been doing a thankless job for many years and they want a break. Was supposed to meet someone in the evening for a cuppa but that got cancelled due to last minute plan changes. Well, hopefully we shall meet sometime this week or next.
I was very eager to write my blog today as after a long time i had a weekend where i enjoyed in only leisure for most part of the time. And it feels very relaxing after i write the blog. The coming week will prove to be hectic at work but that is something I am looking forward to.
Good night till then. 

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