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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 1376

These are the educational qualifications of Dr. Manmohan Singh
M.A.(Economics), DPhil, DLitt(Honoris Causa), PhD(thesis on India's export competitiveness).
The only person (Living or Fictional) who comes close is one Dr Sheldon Cooper.

And this is what Dr. Singh has to say about the rising food prices in India.

"What prices are going up are prices of vegetables, prices of eggs, prices of fish, that is the secondary and tertiary food items. That is a reflection of the demand for these commodities exceeding supplies. That in turn, to some extent at least, is a sign of growing prosperity of our country. If our national income increases by 8 percent per annum and our population is increasing at 1.6 per cent per annum, the per capita income is growing at 6-6.5 per cent,"

For those who are not as "wise" or "educated" like this "Great Person", he is saying, that rising food prices is a prosperous thing.

What i want to share is, Being an educated person does NOT reflect on your general intelligence and Dr Singh has proved to be the epitome of that.

God(If ever such an omnipresent being wants to listen and do something) bless this country and its honest tax paying citizens.
Disclaimer - My statements, does not and will not, indicate in any way support of any other political party, specially BJP and "His Holiness" Narendra Modi.
All political parties and politicians are corrupt in this country. This whole propaganda of potraying Mr Modi as the Savior of the Nation is a bunch of crap. This is actually fantastic PR job by his PR Machinery.
I am so sure, he will do the same things that he has blamed his predecessors of doing. BJP+Allies were in Majority during 1995-1999 and besides the nuclear Tests(And that did not mean shit to someone who can not afford 2 square meals per day), they didnt acheive anything at all.
We are travelling in the same overcrowded trains, pot holed roads, increasing prices of essential commodities and on top of it, we are paying loads of taxes.

On other news:- Being Ganesh Visarjan day, people in our office unanimously decided to leave early. Some left after lunch. My team left around 4 PM. Didnt do much, came home via the local udipi. And only saw some TV and surfed the net. I wanted to sleep early but just couldnt do so. Guess, i will do so now.
Good night. 

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