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Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1374

A few days back i got a thought out of no where. That actor, Yusuf "Dilip Kumar" Khan would probably die. Yesterday, i read a short headline on a news channel that he is in the hospital. Today i get a premonition that he is going to die, by 23rd September. Now, going by the past records of my premonitions, i have a sad and fear of a feeling that this may come true. I hope I am wrong though, i do not want to wish of anyone dying.
I had a very nice weekend. I saw, after a movie that i had recorded, on TV. Fear and loating in las vegas. A movie which was based on a book written by the late great Hunter Thompson. And starring Our Guy, Johnny Depp. Now honestly, this movie is about a guy going to las vegas to cover a dirt bike race but gets fully tripped on drugs. Thats it. So anyone who wants to know how does it feel like to be on drugs, and does not want to actually take it, this is THE movie to watch.
In the evening caught up with a friend for a cuppa and then in the night went out for Grown Ups 2 with Scrooge. Now Scrooge and me are fan of Adam Sandler movies. Mainly because of the crass humor, references to the 80s and wholesome entertainment. However, one missed Rob Schneider. Wonder why he didn't act in this one.
Woke up at ease on Sunday and was spent relaxing more or less. Also, it was the day when a much pending task which Scrooge and me were following up for almost 2 years got finished and that was one big burden off our shoulders. And because it took such a long time, both were very numb and tired to display any reaction. Went for a little drive and coffee in the evening and ended the day with a meal of Pizzas. Well, its monday now, and back to the grind.

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