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Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 1371

Today, despite being friday the 13th, has been a day filled with lots of love, happiness and positiveness. I have had my share of bad things happening on a friday the 13th and i woke up today expecting, maybe something will go wrong. But thankfully it didnt and everything was going good. Before i start about today, i would like to write a bit about the last couple of days. Well, for starters, a little bit of extra workload has got increased in office. Which is good, because then time will fly very fast. I saw Shudh Desi Romance on wednesday evening. Which is a decent light hearted movie with good acting by everyone. And which teaches us a lesson which my Guru, Charlie Sheen, has always preached - "as long as I've got somebody to clean my house and some action on a regular basis, i dont need a wife" :))
I was also discussing one thing with a friend, and this is something that i have learnt from my best friend(And a regular reader and a person giving lots of creative inputs about this blog), that really, when you are speaking with another human being, are you hearing him/her out ? Are you being kind to that person's state of mind ? Are you making that person feel good about himself/herself? Are you being compassionate ? And for doing all of this, does it take any extra effort ?
We are living in a world, where not many people are kind. Everyone comes with their own agenda and even if they are justified in doing that, they dont have any right to pass any comments or judgements (unless where legally required) for another person's issues. I have said it before and i will say it again. Standard Solutions for Problems are problems and NOT solutions. What worked for you in a particular issue may NOT work for another person in a similar issue. You may give your opinion but you can not pass any judgements. If only more and more people were kind, the world wouldnt have wars, there would be no conflicts and everyone would stay at peace. A person once said, The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not enough for everyone's greed.
Anyway, so today was a very nice day for me. Work was relaxing, as it always is on a friday, and in the evening, caught up with a dear friend, Mithil, who is an ex office colleague for some drinks and light dinner. We met after a year and it was great to catch up and talk about the good ol' days. We then went to our ex-office and caught up with some old friends and they were all pleasantly surprised to see us. Had a good laugh and remembered the good ol' days of Saturday Night parties at office. We promised to catch up again soon and perhaps even go for a one day picnic. So all in all these were the nice moments that made this day so good and despite whatever is happening around, somehow one still goes back with a feeling, that "Its a wonderful world".
Peace and love be with you all. 

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