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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 1369

I was supposed to write a blog on Monday but was feeling too lazy. And one of the blog’s new reader asked me to write one today without fail. So here I am. My weekend was spent amazingly well. I woke up at ease on Saturday and was relaxing all afternoon. In the evening, i went to Andheri to a couple friend’s house. We had dinner out at Woodside inn and were in a totally chilled out mood with fantastic food and drinks. It was after a really long time that i had some, “Milk of Amnesia” as i would like to put it. We bought in my friend, Rajeev aka Amjad Khan’s, 40th birthday. And although he smiled throughout, from inside he was crying because of the words 40th Birthday.  It was awesome catching up with Shalini and Rajeev after a long time and being the fantastic friendship that we have, it felt like we had met only yesterday. We spoke in length about 2 things which bind us very well, Movies and travelling. And we can speak about that in length and depth. So it was almost 1 AM by the time we got up to go home. And i must thank Shalini, again, for all the support that you have given all this while and i know you are one person who will always help me with my personal issues (And you know what they are) and it helps a lot to get a kind woman’s point of view in all of this.
By the time i reached home and slept it was 3:30 AM. I had to, sadly, wake up relatively early before 10 in the morning as my house was due for a pest control servicing. Which meant i couldn’t turn on the fan and had a massive headache due to the fact that i had woken up early and had a few drinks last night. So the best thing for a hangover, lime water. And that felt better. Met up with someone for late lunch /coffee in the afternoon and then in the night, Scrooge and me went to The Sun and had a nice dinner. Since it was holiday next day and because i was so tired after 2 days of fun, i crashed by 10:30. Slept for a good 12 hours and felt better in the morning. After a nap in the afternoon, went for a small drive and a coffee with a friend and in the night was just relaxing watching some TV. It was a pain, going to work after an extended weekend and had quite a lot of stuff lined up, but was manageable yesterday. After ages, i managed to watch a hindi movie on Tv. This one was 1996’s Sapoot. Another rehash of The Godfather with some twists and turns. Watchable fare if you have nothing else to do. Over the last 3-4 days, i have been interacting with a few people over the internet and through meeting them face to face and some over the phone. And once again i felt that most of them are feeling down and out. Some are not vocal about it but there is one thing in common, all are seeking kindness. How much effort does it take to be non-judgemental ? How much effort does it take to give someone a listening ear ?? How much effort does it take to be kind ??? The answer is none at all. But are we doing it ? The world doesnt need any smart people. The world needs Kind Human Beings.
A good way to spend an hour on any of the social networking site is spreading happiness. One way to do this is posting fun, direct, happy, unique and true notes of gratitude on the walls of your dear friends. Why wait for a birthday to make their day and tell them how much you love and appreciate them? And for those who are not on any of the social networking site, i am pretty sure all of you have access to a mobile phone or an email ? So why not just use that to show how much you love and appreciate your friends ? Send a text message or simple email it. If not, write a letter and post it to their homes. Thats even more personal and nice old fashioned. Your time starts....NOW!!!

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