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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 1363

I often get confused on how to start my blog after a considerable gap. But once i start writing, then the flow continues. Lets start with something more important. The movies. :) I saw 4 movies since the last blog. Starting with the horrendous sequel - Once upon Ay time in mumbai dobara. The first part was decent but this one was all about the trailer misleading the actual movie. Saw Jobs after that. This one is an interesting bio-pic on the legendary Apple Inc's founder - Steve Jobs. Saw the Apple 2, which was the first computer that my family purchased, way back in 1984 and its still there with one of my dad's cousin. Though one wishes, for the first time, that the movie would have been longer and they would have shown the launch of the famous i-phone and his rivalry and back to friendship with Bill Gates. Then saw Madras Cafe which could have been a classic had it not been for the family melodrama thrown unnecessarily. And what amazing acting by Siddhartha Basu in his debut film. Have always been a fan of Babu, as he is fondly called, since Quiz Time Days of 1986. Then saw The Frozen Ground which was based on real life mass murders, and much like Zodiac and From Hell and our very own Stoneman Murders. Sad that it didnt get marketed well. A fortnight back, on a sunday, after a long time, i caught up with The Fat Guy and it was fun having dinner after a long time. Of course, it was my bad that i didnt get to call Avatar Baba and there was some conflicts on that. But all's settled now. In the end, friendship is such that one goes through highs and lows but whats important is that you stick through all of that. And it just takes one person to extend the hand and one shouldnt have any egos in who should be the first one to do that. My office is the usual. There has been some amount of unnecessary drama so one wonders what is in store in the future. But i would rather take each day as it comes and just somehow manage to ensure that i survive the day and dont ruin my happiness for anyone or anything. The last weekend was one of the finest weekends i have had in quite a while. I woke up at around 10 on saturday morning, then had some yummy home made pizzas, went for a movie with Scrooge. Came home and again had pizzas. Then watched some TV and the amazing Juventus Vs Lazio Serie A Football on TV. After that was talking to a friend till around 4 AM. By the time i slept it was around 5:30 AM. I woke up around 9 and then got ready for a Sunday Poolside brunch with the school gang. 10 of us (Kids included) went to Hotel Sea Princess for a nice swim and brunch. We had a ball of a time and havent laughed a lot since a very long time. By the time i came back home, it was around 9 in the evening. That was because i had to meet someone and a 30 minute meet lasted a good 2 hours. But time well spent definately. And then its the same grind from Monday. I wanted to write on one topic, which i have been purposely not mentioning on my blog, but i guess i should. This is about my marital status. Yes, i am not married as of now. Yes, i am not seeing any woman. Yes, i have now opened to marrying again. But i have some expectations. The woman should be someone i am physically attracted to and vice versa. The person should accept me for what i have and what i am and vice versa. And lastly, that person SHOULD be happy. Now happy is a very subjective matter. What i understand is that, one should be happy with that major decision of your life and it has to be from within and not superficial. Thousands of people may have their own views on these matters and life partner choices. It could range from Matching Horoscopes, ensuring the family is good, the person should be educated, good looking etc. The list is long. But what matters most is that are you happy ? If you are not, then why get in to a relationship hoping that things will get better ?? Only once you are happy and content from within, will you be able to spread it in a relationship. It doesnt work the other way around. All these may look and sound simple, but the real test comes when you have to implement it. So if you think you can fit the above bill, you can contact me and we can take it further. If not, then may peace and love be with you. Ps - Last few days, atleast 5 people have said they have been reading my blogs and have liked my writing. One of them even said i am in the wrong profession and I should take up writing seriously and make that as my profession. To all of them, a big thank you. Your kind words have made my day.

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