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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 1340

I am back after 45 days. Its been a period where, as a person, i have undergone many changes from within as a person. I am, in the pursuit of being a good human being, learnt to be more tolerant and looking at everything with a perspective. Not that this was not happening but its been enhanced a lot in these last 45 days. Lots of time i felt like writing my blog but somehow i just couldnt get myself to do it. Either i was too lazy, or i had lots of personal paperwork and prospect property dealing that were taking my time, or i was with some near and dear ones or maybe at times i was just trying to rest. I may find a person like Amitabh Bachchan as annoying but i will always admire how he manages to update his blog every single day since the last 5 years. There have been breaks of 1-2 days but that occurance has been once in a blue moon. So with his busy schedule if he can update it everyday, i really shouldnt be finding excuses. And thats my weak point and i need to work on that. So hopefully by the end of this year, i will overcome that. So while work has been the usual, there was one particular week about a couple of weeks back where, within a span of 4 days, 4 people called/messaged me and expressed their gratitude to me when they got new jobs. While i helped one of them get through the interview level, i helped three of them, atleast thats what i felt in encouraging them to do what they feel is right to do where a job is concerned. All of them, however, have got the new jobs by their own hard work and merit. They thanked me only because i supported them and stood by them when they were in a state of dillema. I am only writing this to mention that, when it comes to people who are not sure of what needs to be done, dont give them any advice. Thats the worst thing that one does in this country. What i do, is i show them the pros and cons and tell them, "You decide what is best for you by weighing the pros and cons and whatever path you take, as a person giving unconditional support, i will always be there for you. I will not judge you, i will not advice you and I will certainly not say anything to put you down." I wish all of them, all the best in their new jobs and pray that they will shine even brighter in their respective future endevaors. I also managed to catch up on a few movies like R.I.P.D, The Conjuring, Ship Of Theseus, D-Day, Red 2, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Lootera, The Iceman and The Lone Ranger. And all of them were movies where i was, thankfully, not disappointed when i came home. The let down, was lootera, but even then it was not a bad film. I liked Ship of Theseus the best because its a movie for anyone who is spiritually inclined or atleast aspires to be there. We had a small family get-together on my father's side of family on 4th of August. So although i still feel very uncomfortable with so many family members, i somehow, managed to stay through the family lunch and it was almost 2 years since all of us had been together. I have, also, been meeting new people in the last 2-3 weeks and its very interesting to know them and understand different view points. On a personal front, i have always mentioned that i am a very reserved person. I do not like mingling with many people and do not prefer going for family functions. Ironically, except for the time i worked in Bahar Infocons, close to 14 years of my professional work expereince dealed with speaking to various types of people. And helping them solve queries. In short, it has always been customer-service. Even in Bahar Infocons, while i never dealt directly with customers, i had to deal a lot with the huge team of people working within the company because of the nature of job which involved a lot of human interactions. We had so many different work types to do (Managing data of 160 countries for Equity and Fixed Income securities is a crazy task which a single person can never do) that it would have been a professional suicide if i didnt speak to people to get my work done and vice-versa. Despite this, with the exception of close friends, i could never mingle socially in my personal life. Not that i am complaining but it would be good if i could do that as well. So amongst the two things i need to work upon by this year end, it would be to ensure i am more active socially on a personal front and i should update my blog daily. One would also wonder why do i have the pictures of 2 famous personalities on my post ? Well, amongst the people I admire who share their birthday today... Happy birthday..!!!

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