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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 1284

The day has started with some very bad news. Got to know that my ex wife's father passed away last week on 13th due to Liver Cancer. Now i am sure many of you wonder why is it of any concern to me ?
Well when i come to know that someone i have known closely has passed away and that too in a non-natural death, it upsets me. Makes one think, really how short life really is and that (Not that its of any connection but still..) one must not have any enemity or grouse against anyone. I sincerely pray his soul rests in peace and that the family's grief is short but deep.
Its been raining unusually high for the month of June. For the first couple of weeks that have gone, except the north east part of India, everywhere else, the country has recieved 65% more rainfall than usual. Which is a good sign for the drough ridden areas but a nightmare for Urban Places because of the traffic chaos, bad roads and public transport going for a toss. Fortunately i live reasonably close to where i work so i have been enjoying the rains. Unfortunately that is a luxury for many people living in this city who only pray everyday(And i was one of them when i worked at Malad) that it doesnt rain or they reach late to office and reach late home after work.
Yes the flip side is that the weather has been awesome. There is something about rains that makes many of us become nostalgic, romantic, lazy(in a good way) and indulgeness in small things like having a hot cuppa or some light snacks. I say, whatever little time you get to enjoy these things or moments, enjoy them. As far as possible dont spend any time hating/cursing people, fighting with anyone etc. What is missing in this world is that people are not nice to other people. Yes, you may be good at heart (No one is  born bad really) but how many times can you honestly say that you have always been nice to people ? All the time?? Irrespestive of their nature towards you ???
Hence i would want everyone to first read this:-

And then read this (if you are on facebook)

Please keep in mind that i am not promoting or supporting any Spiritual Leader or Cult or faith or any religion.
What i find interesting, and wish everyone could give it a thought, is the idea behind forgiveness.

I happened to catch Man of Steel on Sunday. Now after The Dark Knight returns and The Avengers, this was a much awaited movie. And it was surprisng to see that people walked away towards the end. Yes the fight scene was overdone. Yes, the target audience felt disappointed (Was evident when my 3 year old nephew shouted to everyone's amusement "I don't like this movie."). But what one must understand that this movie was co-produced and co-written by Christopher Nolan. A person KNOWN to make dark movies and make movies in which superheros are vulnerable, depressed souls. And for showing that the common people refuse to accept anyone different in the so called "normal civilized" world and that superheros are no exceptions. So if you go with a mindset expecting an Avengers or Iron Man Kind of movie, you are going to be disappointed. Anyways Avengers, Iron Man, Spider man etc are Marvel and Batman, Superman are DC Comics. So the treatment IS going to be different. So in a nutshell I can say, only if you are a movie buff and have always watched all superhero movies, then go watch it.
Well, its raining extremely heavily so i guess i will just wind up the few emails that i have to send and get going home.
Today, definately, has been a rather upsetting day for me so i think i should just go home and take it easy.
See ya nice folks soon.

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