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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 1279

Its been very interesting, last few days. I managed to see 4 movies over the last weekend. After work on friday, i saw Now you see me. Now this was an interesting multi-starcast movie which had moments. But i wish Jesse Eisenberg would be less irritating. His type of acting is getting monotonous. I caught up with an old school friend and a fellow movie buff - Dinshaw and saw Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. Now many would think it would be blasphemous for me to see that in a theatre. But Dinshaw is a fan of the Deol Family, specially Sunny Deol. And i have been a fan of films which stars All the deols together. And turned out that the movie wasnt as bad as i had expected it to be. We had a nice dinner at a bistro and some amazing dessert at Noorani. Talked quite a bit on a variety of topics, and none of it was movies. Sunday was spent going to my 2nd house for some work and then in the afternoon, Scrooge, Aarnav Dada, yourself and our an friday - Shyam went to see After Earth. Now clearly this is not the best work of Shyamalan who has not made a decent movie since Unbreakable over a decade back, but it is also not as bad as the reviews have made it out to be. I can say its like playing a video game like Super Mario Brothers.
I also finally managed to see Woody Allen's Bananas. And as the name suggested  - it was all of that.
The week and the week after that is going to be interested. My immediate manager has gone down under for  a couple of weeks. My company's country head was going to be there only for 3 days and he is travelling all over for business. So its just the 6 of us in office managing the entire show. One would think with bosses not around, it would be fun and party but its anything but that. Because you have to take certain decisions without anyone immediately supervising you and a decision wrong here and there could backfire. But fortunately its so far so good and no hassles and work going smooth.
Tuesday was the 61st birth day of dad. I really missed him quite a bit that day and even the days following it,
I could go on and on writing so many things about the great guy he was. But here's something i wrote which i would wanna share:-

For the man who wanted me to see Woodstock more than any other movie..
For the man who put the travel bug in me (I am quite close to beating your record)..
For the man who swam with me in an olympic size swimming pool when i was less than 2 years of age..
For the man who surprised me by telling some real dirty jokes  ..
For the man who gave Scrooge and me all the freedom in the world to do anything we wanted as long as we reported to work/school/college next working day..
For the person who drove 40 KMS in 45 minutes to ensure i get my Engineering Drawing Tools or else i would have flunked the exam 4th time..
For a person who was not a father but a DAD...
Wherever you are.....Happy Birthday Dad...!!!        

Here are a couple of pics of dad.. I never had a solo pic of dad except for some passport size pics so if anyone reading this blog ever knew him or has any pictures, please do share.

Now to something little different. I have noticed that for me, and i believe for quite a few, writing is therapeutic. Specially writing blogs. Its taken writing a personal diary to a totally different tangent.
Along with a well wisher / Supporter, we thought, why not share the whole blog writing experience with anyone who is keen to learn something new. Or perhaps an experienced blogger could share their inputs and make my small blog reachable to more audience and have a more interactive audience. We are planning to give a small presentation and just chat about blog writing. The writing part, the analytics part and generally about the whole writing experience.
We could have a small group of 4-5 people. Sit in a nice coffee shop / fine dine restaurant (Dont worry the treat's on me) on a nice saturday evening / sunday afternoon brunch. Sorry but you need to pay for your own drinks :-)
But if anyone is interested or anyone who knows anyone who is interested, please email me or leave a comment here and then once we get an audience of 4-5 people, we can take it from there and work out on a venue and a day and time.
Well, its quite a long piece of blog that i have written in a while.
I will now enjoy the rains and go off to sleep.
See you good folks tomorrow. 

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