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Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1273

The gaps between the blogs are increasing. Much as i would want to write every day or at least every other day, i just am unable to get myself to do that. Which only means, i need a long vacation. If that is not possible then i need at least some time off from this city and just go to some remote location(preferably a beach town) where i can just do NOTHING and think about NOTHING. Just me with nature. Lets see what happens.
Its not been a major eventful last week because the only major thing i did was go to see Hangover - 3 with a close friend and had dinner with her. Please do not get any wrong ideas, we are NOT going around and will NEVER go around. She was frustrated with her her personal life (or lack of it) and so was I. Hangover -3 and pizzas seemed perfect.
We discussed stuff, spoke out and generally atleast had a feel good factor at the end of the day. This week was very interesting. On Wednesday night, my company's Vice President for Sales was in town for a few days and we went for dinner at Barbeque Nation - Worli. It was a good early dinner and thankfully we managed to break ice with each other so that was good. Also managed to speak a few things to my manager and atleast got some clarity about things. Next evening we had a kind of a mini reunion of the School Gang with Drinks, Frankies, Pizzas et al. Was so stuffed with Frankies that for the first time in many years, i actually didnt have pizzas, much to the shock of my friends :).
We had a hearty laugh talking about the school days and about our life in general. Of course, by the time the small party ended it was a little past midnight and everyone were dead tired. So its been two days of enjoyment in many ways and so thankfully, even though i didnt get much sleep due to late nights, i atleast feel a little better. Well, friday is almost coming to an end and now its time for another movie :)
Sadly, i will be working tomorrow for half a day but since its just an one off thing, i will try and ignore the glum feeling which i am gonna get.

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