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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 1263

Its been the one of the most monotonous, last few days, this year. All i have been doing, is going to work, coming back home, having dinner, watching some TV and sleeping. No energy for exercise, writing my blog, reading or anything else. My weekends are spent in getting my paper work in place. Thankfully quite a lot of pending paper work is more or less organized and nearly complete. I only have my tax returns to take care of and hopefully that should happen within next month. Between last week and this weekend, i managed to catch up 2 movies...Both with the fat guy and both at PVR Phoenix. One was The Great Gatsby, which is a remake of an old English movie which was an adaptation of one of 20th Century's literary classic, The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerlad. I would say that, its like any typical hindi tv drama but worth it to watch for Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Mcgurire (Or is maguire ?).Sundays have been spent doing majorly nothing except playing some computer games or watching some TV.
This weekend was different. It was sports and WWE style entertainment throughout. Starting with Bayern Munich winning the much coveted UEFA Champions League in a fantastic finale, which thankfully didnt go in to extra time and ended with WWE style IPL Finale with Mumbai Indians winning an entertaining cricket final. And thankfully, one wont have to see Sachin Tendulkar as he, very smartly, announced his retirement.
It was bound to happen, because with whats been happening with the whole Spot-Fixing/Betting thing, its very likely that there will be team shuffling (As it was originally meant to be) and quite likely that some teams may get scrapped and some new ones would be formed. And that would mean, that Sachin Tendulkar would have to play for another team and not Mumbai. Which means, no cricket lover, specially the ones in Mumbai, would ever go to see him playing against Mumbai and very likely that there will be sport riots. That there will anyways be a decrease in sponsorships is another thing all together. So good luck to Tendulkar. I had posted one thing on facebook a few days back and i will post this again here:-

I have stopped taking any active interest in Cricket since 1997.

And since 2000, i actually believe that all Cricket Matches have their results fixed and one should watch only from an entertainment point of view.

But having said that, for people who still swear by this game (And i swear after getting hooked on to Club Football since the last couple of years, Cricket can put me off to sleep after 1... over), and those who believe that one Gentleman, Sachin Tendulkar is God (Build a temple and do a Milk Abhishekam if you love him so much)..Please go through the following:-

Sachin Tendulkar has an batting average of around 32 in the test matches played in 2013, around 23 in the test matches played in 2012.

He has an average of around 30 in IPL.

Till date, he has never got dropped despite getting 3 ducks in 4 innings in 1994, for example.

He has done every budding cricketer a huge favor by finally hanging his boots from One Day Internationals and T20 Internationals...

Please make me understand, why shouldn't he be put on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) for Test Matches?
PS - For those who are not from the BPO/KPO field, a PIP is like a do or die test of the Corporate World

Anyways, i watched, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, on saturday. It was a nice movie with good soundtrack. I was impressed that even in the 2nd week, the theatre was full. The movie was an interesting mix of Taking Sides and New York. Worth a watch i can say.
I need a vacation. I need a vacation. It was very sad that one of the best vacations i could have taken Zurich/Paris and that with Sameer and Diti too, got cancelled due to sad circumstances of my marriage getting cancelled. Its left me very heartbroken. If its of any compensation, i will be taking a couple of days off next month and going to a beach town(details of that soon), but i sure need a big 10-12 day break. Hopefully towards the end of the year something should come up.

Well, its tuesday, and i should be getting back to work. This is another long week ahead of me.

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