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Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 1252

Its been one extremely busy week. And this is one week where I have spent a considerable amount of time sleeping very early. And the result was that every day, my eyes automatically open first at 6:00 AM and then around 7 AM and since i cant get myself to sleep after that, i just wake early and do my stuff and relax before leaving for work. It was great catching up with Avatar Baba and the fat guy last week after a very long time. We saw Star Trek - In to Darkness and wondered why the fuck was it made in to a melodrama. Surely Spock being senti is not what one expects from the franchisee. Anyways, we went to our favorite hangout - Blend N Brew which has been renovated in a new way and no longer dark and dingy. I had a couple of beers (after 2 and a half years) and had some nice food and paan before calling it a night. Sunday was spent doing nothing except watching some TV, surfing the net and catching up on some afternoon siesta. The week, starting from Monday, was the usual. Work and home. Work and home. Somehow, my serious gymming regime is just not able to start. When i come home, i get tired. Even if i dont do any physically stressful work throughout the day, i just cant get myself to go to the gym. What i have figured out is that my batteries have been dead. I need a break and then get to start afresh. If there is any other alternative, please let me know on how to start my exercise regime on a very serious note. On a differnt note, this week has been marred with 2 things on Indian Televison channels. One is the match fixing or rather spot fixing allegations on some cricketers in the on going IPL tournament. Secondly is the jail of hindi film actor Sanjay Dutt. What i fail to comprehend, is, why is so much coverage given to these news ? Does it affect the day to day functioning of the common man ? Will it make a path breaking change in our country's fucked up governance ? Things which shouldnt have been given more than 5-10 minutes of coverage has got front page headlines and countless meaningless debate. The fact that the government is levying one new tax after the other be damned. The fact that a common man working his ass out in the city which has the most income tax payers and still not able to afford a roof on top of his head even after willing to commute 3-4 hours daily be damned.

Come on people, IPL, Cricket, Films are ONLY ENTERTAINMENT. They DO NOT have any direct or indirect effect on our day to day functioning. You will NOT die or loose job if you dont watch that 1 IPL match or if Sanjay Dutt goes to jail or has a multiple orgasm. Anyways, i am nearly nearly done for the week. I am hoping to have a good and relaxing weekend.


  1. A really good post... I just came across your B log accidentally..but I'm thank ful I did...I started with your latest post on expectation and now been obsessed to read The entire Blog
    And this one on our Media was nice and to The point which apparently v indians have forgotten. Y hype on celebrities when v have an horrible ruppee fall and nifty stumbling.. and when onions are expensive enough that people are stealing truck loads of them.. concentrate on common man.. but its not only Medias fault.. apparently even common man enjoy S these annoying news..but I simply don't get y.. enuf said.. I like ur writing its like how I would like a B log to b or expressed.. realistic .. keep writing..cheers..

    1. Thank you for your kind words of support. Its very encouraging. Also, thank you for taking time out to read my blog.