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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 1246

And once again, i have lost. My personal life is back to where it was a year back. My engagement, and consequently, my soon to be held wedding has been called off. It was a decision taken in the interest of both families involved. I have not been pushed in to making the decision, but considering the circumstances, its in the best interest of Mita(more than me) that she finds someone better. I know, somewhere she still loves me. I know i do. But under the given circumstances, its best that we dont get married and she does not come in the family. Knowing her past and knowing her nature, she will find it increasingly difficult to make things work even if she wants to. This is a short term loss for both of us but a long term gain if you take a bird eye view. Whether i will start looking at another woman to get married, i dont know. Honestly, i am through this marriage business. The doors are now closed. Yes, i do get hurt and feel sad when i see most of my friends and family members married with kids and having some partner for their emotional support after a hard day's at work. Yes i still feel lonely when i go for movies and travel and most of the times, i am alone. But this is one fact of life that i will have to learn to live with and subsequently love. It was good to see that despite certain events of Monday evening(Details of which i will not share), i have people who are supporting me. But honestly, i need to find my own way out and learn NOT to depend on any one for help. There have been major happenings at my work place as well. Close to 50% of the workforce is quitting/quitted. And from what i understand, these are reasons where once again, people had ego issues. If only people could sit and just speak out their issues in a civilised way, things would be so much better. And i fail to understand, why do people NOT let go of their massive egos ?
And now there has been a different pressure at work which i need to handle. And of course, being the diligent guy at work that i am, it no problem for me. I am also taking this time to unwind and just do what i want to do in my personal life. I took time out in the evenings and saw 3 consecutive movies. That too Hindi. Saw Shootout At Wadala (Ho - Hum), Bombay Talkies (Zzzzzz) and Go Goa Gone (few chuckles and ho-hum).
Tonight, after many many months, will be catching up with the Fat Guy and Avatar Baba for Star Trek - In to Darkness. Then we will hang around some place and just enjoy our nonsensical talks.
I will leave today with 2 very amazing quotes from a TV serial..

Before we got here, this was just a big empty space where you just sat around, got drunk, and had casual sex with women you don't even care about. There was no love, no family, and no meaning...There's a word for that....Utopia.

Bite me. That's Chapter 1 in my forthcoming book entitled, Bite Me. Chapter 2 is called "Kiss My Pale White Ass"...

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  1. Relationship that end because v know IT won't work is better than trying to compromise and adjust all life long and finally realise even few years felt like whole life time with that person and finally to end that relationship to only feel low about yourself.. v Indians need to learn its OK to let go and find The combatible person