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Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 1231

I am back after a hiatus. The last 1 month has been the most trying for me, personally speaking. So, till now, all was great. I was engaged to get married to a great girl, we met, practically every evening. We went out for movies, restaurants, drives, caught up with friends. Did all those things that i used to do without having my better half with me. We saw so many movies, Oblivion, Nautanki Saala, GI Joe retaliation, The Call ..It was going good. We even booked our honeymoon tickets for Zurich and Paris and hopefully the visas should arrive anytime soon. But then, things just didn’t go right. Due to unavoidable circumstances, my marriage has been postponed. We were gonna get married on 29th of April , we were having a small dinner party on the 4th of May and we were flying for our honeymoon on 18th of May for a fortnight. What went wrong ?

Honestly, its too much to explain on a blog. Its also too personal to explain on a public forum. Some of my very close friends know about it and as i write, all of them are hoping that things settle down fast and calm. In this I have learnt a lesson(even though it was not something that was my fault). When things are going smooth, don’t try to raise a doubt. That marriage is an institution based on 1 thing and 1 thing only. Trust. The moment you stop trusting the other person, is when all the problems arise. And here you need to trust the one person who stands to loose more things like emotions and finances. That person, unfortunately, was me. And when doubts arise and trusts are not formed, the perfect world one thrives to form is shattered. As i write, i am extremely hurt and i am going through an emotional crisis that no one will ever be able to comprehend. I do not want any false hopes and i do not want any false promises. All i seek from anyone who is reading my blog, is to pray (And i mean actually pray and not just tell me) that things go smooth between us. And that whatever happens, everyone is cordial and at peace with each other (in our families) and that eventually both of us get married. I have no qualms in saying that i do love Mita. And that it would be shattering to know if any untoward thing happens. But i will now not speak about it and just take the next few days as it comes. So everyone, just pray for Mita and me and for our well being and for the well being for both families.

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  1. I am reading ur B log a little too late..been there felt that.. but just praying or wishing for ur inner well being of senses and hurt... sometimes things hurt us for a reason... and almighty kno ws y..and v will be surprised when v realise y.. hope u realise IT wishes...