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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 1200

1200th day of blogging and this is my 502nd blog. So thats roughly one blog every 2 and a half days. When i started this blog, i wanted to ensure i write each and every day come what may. But clearly thats not possible. At times you do not have the time. At times you are tired. At times you are lazy. There have been times when i have not written blog for weeks at a stretch. But i am trying my level best to ensure that i update  the blog regularly. The week has been routine for me. The slightly exciting thing i did was to catch up a couple of movies - The incredible Burt Wonderstone - Which is a great laugh riot and it was awesome to see   a vintage Jim Carey as a supporting cast. And then i caught up with Olympus has fallen which is a mixture of Die Hard 1 and the climax of Mr India. Or John McClane Vs Mugambo. A great popcorn fest. My weekend was also spent in a nice way. In the evening, it was Aarnav's birthday party on the building terrace(kept 1 day after the actual date due to the weekend factor). So it was a great thing with good food et al. A different theme where a person was called to perform some good, kind of magic show, but showing the kids how it is done with the help of basic science laws. Trust Prachi to come up with something different every time. No wonder my dad liked her and always wanted a daughter like her. Is that a co-incidence that both are true Geminis ?
It was also cool to go on a drive with Mita and just having long chats. Sunday was spent with Alpa and Mita coming over for lunch and the ladies had a nice time chit chatting. I spent the evening going with Purav to Crosswords and he making me buy a toy car and i got my self readers digest and for the first time in Bombay - Yorkie Bar. So that was good.
Today happens to be my mum's 2nd death anniversary. I wouldnt say i was sad but yes i did miss mum. I just went to her favorite temple and prayed for her soul to get rest. In the evening i was speaking with my best friend and was just talking about how i need an atmosphere for working and the atmosphere in my work place was quite, i would put it, quiet. Now generally i would have preferred to have that in my personal life and would expect some kind of excitement in my professional life. So being my shrink of sorts, he kept reassuring me that the job was good and in many ways it was exactly what i wanted and what i needed. And i just needed to look at it from a different perspective. We even made plans to meet over the weekend and just chill out somewhere.
No sooner i spoke to him, my manager summoned me and gave me some good news of sorts. I was getting extra allowances in my salary for medical bills and mobile bills. And surprises of surprises, i have friday off too. All of this i was not expecting and all of them were pleasant surprises. So i felt, in many ways, my mum heard my prayers and spoke to me through my best friend. And to think about it, just before i went to sleep last night, i had the following status on my facebook wall:-

Dearest Mum,
Its been 2 years since you have left this world, as we know it, but thanks for still being there with us. And ensuring all our good wishes, somehow, have been fulfilled.
Don't know how you do it, but guess if one doesnt know what to do, one always asks mum.
Lots of Love,
M, K and P..


  1. Hey Milind, reading ur blog after quite sometime... and enjoyed reading it. thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Congrates for Day 1200.... its awesome that somehow u r able to keep ur commitment. its ok even if it is once in a month... btw, I miss ur reviews... I have not read some of ur past blogs but once upon a time u were regular with ur reviews. hope to read some in future too.