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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 1186

I have been too damn tied up with work and other personal stuff to even bother switching on my computer at home, let alone updating my blog. My burn marks have still not healed and its becoming very painful to bend or walk but somehow i am managing. Mita was very angry at the Salon guys and gave them a big piece of her mind and got the money refunded. We met along with Alpa last Tuesday for a late night dinner at the Intercontinental Dome and the 2 gals had a gala time more than anyone else so that was good. Work has been the usual and after work i have had a few property deals and some legal matters that have been taking my time. Its interesting that before i got engaged, i used to meet Mita quite a lot and after i have got engaged, i am just falling short of time. Met her on saturday afternoon to see a property near home and god willing something positive should happen on that part. She came home in the afternoon and started doing something which my mum couldnt get herself to do for the last 3 years of her life, cleaning my room, specifically the posters. Some of the old articles that i had kept for a long time and which were in tatters were thrown out. Yes, it was against my wishes, but i figured, why fight an angry lioness ?
Sunday was spent going to a nice buffet and then a long drive. I wanted to see couple of movies but as i said, time is a constraint. And then its back to work from Monday.
Aaagh, its not even middle of the week yet and already i am craving for friday evening to come soon.

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