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Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 1178

So the much anticipated weekend was drawing near. But quite a lot has happened. Friday was routine with work. ON Saturday  i decided to go to the Salon, and after 7 years, decided to get a clean up cum facial done. Now don't get me wrong, this is not a gay thing to do. Its supposed to be healthy to get a facial done once in a while so that the dirt can come out of the skin and more oxygen and blood can be circulated inside it. Now while taking steam was not a problem, but due to negligence on the part of the guy who was helping me get steam from the machine and a bit of mine for not having presence of mind, the boiling water fell all over my abdomen part and my right thigh. Thankfully the part around the crotch was not harmed. And it was fucking hot. Pretty sure i got first degree burns. I can not even imagine what a 3rd degree burn patient would go through. So while the person at Salon got shit scared, i was cool. So while it was manageable while i came home, it was unbelievable when i had my bath. The entire part was burnt like hell and got major blisters, boils and damage was done. I applied some ice and was soothing for a while. I went to see The Attacks of 26/11 at Roxy with an old school friend who is also a fellow movie buff. He didnt like the movie but i felt it was a decent attempt by Ramgopal Varma considering the last few shit movies that he made. Although it would have been awesome if he would have not taken cinematic liberties. After the movie i went straight to my doctor who immediately gave me a tetanus injection and recommended some antiseptic cream and meds to take so that gave me some much needed relief.
Next day, Sunday 3rd March 2013 was very special. That was the day, i got engaged to a wonderful girl. Her name is Mita. Yes, this is the news i was wanting to share all this while. This was the friend i went out with last few days and few evenings. I didnt feel it was appropriate to talk about this unless something was finalized officially. But now that its done, i can talk about it freely. It was a small affair with just a few close relatives from both sides, and her best friend and my best friend. For those who knew about the turbulence that i have gone through in my personal life, they were very happy that finally things are being settled there. I will speak more about my fiancee in the next few blog posts to come. But till now, i have received over 250 messages/calls/personal conversations from many of you (Specially the ones who are very close to me) wishing me luck and congratulating me. Trust me, both of us thank you all for the good wishes and kind words from the bottom of our hearts. In the afternoon, both of us and Chaitanya went to his house to meet his mum and had a great time talking about lots of things. In the night we had an awesome dinner, courtesy a treat, by Chaitanya at the Westin. It was 11 PM by the time i came back home and needless to say She was tired. But all of us had a fabulous day and will cherish the memories for years to come.
Monday was routine at work and everyone in my office was happy to hear about my engagement. Work was normal and thankfully the burns are subsiding. My bro and me still have a few legal matters (Not something to be too worried about) to take care of but god willing, we will do that. We have faced so many challenges in our lives at a young age that there is no challenge that we feel is so tough that we cant face it.