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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 1174

Its been another extremely hectic week. I will not ponder much about work because slowly its starting to get monotonous.
The only thing that is keeping me going are the normal work hours. Weekend was spent very well. Went for some legal consultation at Bandra Court. Then came to Fort Area for some bathroom fittings shopping. Then had a great lunch at Paratha Mantra, which incidentally is owned by a former building friend. Came home, freshened up and then went for a wedding reception at the US Club at the southern most point of Bombay. Now this is an army club and entry to this club is only through invites. I have been there 3 times as my rakhi sister's father was a former naval doctor. And its a wonderful place. Thankfully now we are able to get mobile phone reception there. Had a great time at a typical parsi wedding. Wedding was of Scrooge's school friend who is also a friend of mine. Was almost midnight by the time i came home. Next morning, woke up at ease and then 2 and a half men went to see A good day to die hard. Needless to say Purav was super excited to see the car chase scene where countless cars got crashed. Came home and then just crashed in to bed for a much needed siesta. Went out to a friend's house for dinner and then back home. Oh did i forget i also happened to see Kai Po Che at a preview show on Thursday evening and that was a well made movie. Tuesday i took a day off because I had to complete some formalities at one of the registeration office at Fort. Details of which will be known within the next few days. Then, i went for some jewelry purchasing. I also, witnessed, some of my old gold stuff getting melted and being made in to a gold stone and that was a learning experience. I also got a good deal for some of the older gold ornaments i had. Also purchased some silver stuff before coming home. Had dinner at Mum's brother's home and had a good long conversation about certain stuff that has ben bothering me for a while and got some interesting insight on things. Also played for a bit with my neice before coming home. And then the next couple of days have been work and home, work and home.
Really waiting for the weekend to come as something great is in store.
What is in store? Wait and watch this space for more.


  1. Hey Milind,
    Yes Kai Po Che is really a well made movie. Saw a movie after a very long time and it was worth it.

    Super excited to know whats gonna happen on weekend. All the Best :-)

    Please post soon.


  2. Thanks...just a couple of more days now :)