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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 1167

I need to get 2 things in order. My exercise regime and my blogs. Both need to be regular. Hoping that within the next few days that will be the case. So after days and days of emotional turmoil, finally some things have been set straight. Though it has not been a win-win situation for me, not as of now atleast, but i can surely say that very soon an interesting part of my personal life will be beginning. I am sure many of you who have read the blog are wondering, just what the hell i am referring to and some of you already know it and some may have got the hints. Well, all the answers will be answered in the next few days to come. It was great catching up with the fat guy for lunch on Saturday afternoon and we had a real nice time. Sunday was very well spent. Went out with a friend for a drive and had a blast till dinner time. Monday till today was well spent at work as well. Now things are picking up fast at work, and certain things, which otherwise would have taken long to be completed is now getting done faster. And this is happening only because of my due hard work or rather smart work. And thankfully i am feeling excellent about going to work. I don’t feel like NOT going to office(Except for the usual Monday mornings but then thats a global issue). Been sleeping relatively early – by 11 PM and it feels good to get back to normal human working hours after a long long time. Its lunch time while i am writing this blog and i am eagerly waiting for the day to get over fast so that i can catch on a movie at a preview show at PVR for Silver Lining Playbook. Will be good to see Robert De Niro on the big screen after a long time.

Catch ya wonderful folks soon.


  1. Hi Milind,
    Looking forward to the answers... Please post the update soon. Can't wait.