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Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 1161

Another week about to end. And its been a major emotionally upsetting week, again personally speaking. Its interesting to know that certain individuals have certain difference of opinion with me over a lot of things which have gone, to their understanding, beyond repair. Which, frankly, i dont buy it but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am not even sure what the next few weeks have in store for me with my personal life, so i am doing what i feel is my way of de stressing. I am actually looking forward to being at work and spending more time there. So despite the fact that i keep cribbing about work on and off, atleast you have a peace of mind and no one to constantly eat your head beyond a certain point. And despite the fact that my reporting manager and me have differences on the way we look at things, he has made extra efforts to ensure that i dont feel out of place at home.

Managed to catch up two movies - Special 26 and Zero Dark Thirty. Special 26 is a very interesting and reasonably well made movie. Although the romantic track and the songs could have been well avoided. And it has full potential to become a franchisee like Ocean's 11. Is it a coincedence that it was even shot like Steven Soderberg ?

Zero Dark Thirty was one of the most awaited English movies of the year. But its slightly disappointing because it stretches atleast 20 minutes too long. But the climatic shootdown sequence is worth the entire ticket movie. Also, lots of inaccuracies but guess its cinematic liberty.

And now that the weekend is just a few hours away, some personal work aside, i am gonna take it very very easy. Will just relax and catch up on some sleep that i lost in the last 2 weeks.

And to some of my well wishers who have stayed with me and supported me all through the last couple of weeks, thank you very much. And the person / persons reading this blog would know who i am referring to,

Hey, i wanna catch the women's cricket world cup final on Sunday, does anyone know where do i get to book the tickets ?

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