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Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 1157

The last week, has been one of the most emotionally trying times this year. Its been a week of being at an all time low of the year. I will not get in to the dynamics of the issue because it is very personal and very few people are aware of it. I can say that it is something do with my personal life. A few days back i had written a post on my facebook wall. I will again write it here,

How many people, amongst your friends, relatives, acquaintances etc, do you know have given you positive encouragement? How many have given you unconditional support even though they may have difference of opinion with you? How many of them have been polite while speaking to you? How many have actually prayed for your well being and not just said it as a casual statement? How many people are happy to see you happy?

You will be surprised and shocked if you really do a deep analysis.

Adding to that, all i want is from my so called well-wishers in the family, is to tell (And believe me it would mean a lot to me as a person), that “Ok, so you have decided to take a decision and stand by it. We do not personally agree. But if it is anything that makes you happy and you will deal with it well, we will stand by you and lets make this transition a smooth and happy one.”

Does that take a lot of hard work ? No. Does that involve anyone else’s personal life being affected ? Absolutely not. Does that mean its a win-win situation for all parties involved ? Yes. Is this rocket science ? No.

So why do we have clashes of ego ? Why do we get in to a confrontation mode ? You have asked me, but now I ask you, would you have behaved this way at work with your superiors or your clients ?

And on top of that when you are at an all time low and you need some alone time with yourself, like i did, it kinda backfired with all concerned parties being worried and almost breaking off a deal which was closed to be sealed.

I have no clue what my future personal life has in store for me, but i know one thing. Once i have made up my mind over a certain thing, i will fight till the end to get it.

After all, there is a difference between giving up and letting go.

I also managed to see a couple of movies, Lincoln and Bullet to the head. The former was Steven Spielberg Getting back to his old way of superb film making(Although it could have been much better) and Bullet to the head was Sylvester Stallone back to doing what he does the best(And with a much better physique), beating people up like a bad ass mother f*****.

Both were worth a watch.

Weekend was well spent. Except for the time when certain relatives came to my house in the morning and i absolutely detest talking for more than 20 minutes, the conversation lasted for nearly 4 hours. I quickly had a shower and caught up with a friend at Phoneix mills for some late lunch and general timepass.

Sunday was spent well too although was extremely tiring. I went to a Gurudwara around noon. A cousin, who has married a Sikh Guy, had a small prayer meeting for her newly born daughter. And unlike traditional hindu rituals, this one was very calm and peaceful(Like all Sikh rituals). We had our lunch at the Langar (And boy was it filling). Came back home and was very tired so slept for a while in the evening. Went out for a drive and a munch with a friend. The new medicines i am taking is making me feel nausea tic and sleepy and kind of killing my hunger. Now hopefully i should start the new diet plan today and stick to it.

Today, after a long long time, i actually felt like coming to work on a Monday morning.

I am only hoping this feeling is sustained through out the week and i hope to update my blogs atleast a couple of times this week.

Hope all of you have a good day and a great week.


  1. i agree with what you are saying. If your relatives are giving you their suggestions/comments because they have some ulterior/dubious motives in their minds, then i agree with you that you should ask them to back off.

    On the flip side, why are you looking for validation? why do you want people to constantly say YES to what you are doing? if you really dont give a rats ass then why do you get affected by it? why do you constantly want your friends/relatives/family to always give you a pat on your back and say "hey milind, we agree with you, go ahead with whatever you feel like doing"

    If you want feedback/suggestions which are unbiased then deal with what you are being dished out. else, dont ask!!!!

    constantly being upset with what people tell you just because thats not what you want to hear is being a little childish!

    best wisher!

  2. Hmmm...I agree completely on milinds view as well as well wishers.. but v r humans after all and in our times of being low The least v expect is The; validation that v r not left hanging alone on a bridge: with we:ak thread... but people are good at advices until IT affects them.. I have been affected, lost and what not by relatives point of view that I felt much pleasure in running away from them hurting m close ones.. what not... that's that.. but now I Agree y bother what their opinion is when I know wats good for my life..of course u cant help but be bothered what ur close on think... but that's life..this takes me to ur recent post on expectation S.. y expect?