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Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 1150

February 4th is a day in the calendar that i will never ever forget.
That is a day when facebook was launched officially. That is the day when 3 people, who i have had a massive crush for a number of years share their birthdays. That is the day, sadly, when my rakhi sister lost her 2 year old daughter. And that is the day......naa this one is too personal and emotional. Some of you know about it. So lets not discuss the last part or else i will go down memory lane i have left far behind.
This was one of the most eventful weekend i had in a while. While friday evening, after work, i went to see a Hindi Movie - David. Now that is a well made movie and surprisingly the conservative christian groups have not yet called for a ban. But one wonders why was lara dutta looking like a cow and will Milind Soman get the award for best comedian at next years awards.
Next day i had a very very busy day. Had to go for regular blood checks. Then breakfast with a close friend at the PM Bath and Club. Then came home and napped for an hour. Then went to see a very sweet movie(And was sure mum would have loved it) - Listen Amaya. Which, although cliched, dealt with a still sensitive subject of widow-remarriage.
Then had to go for a small family get together as a cousin has come from USA after almost 7 years with her new born daughter. And then headed off to Ghatkopar for a friend's wedding reception.
The friend is a regular reader of my blog and his mum and he have been a great support during the last couple of years. The friend is also an ex office colleague. And it was great to meet nearly 15 of us, after almost 2 - 3 years. And this was the first time in many months that we had a gala of a time at a marriage function.
The picture is there on my facebook wall for everyone to see. Sunday was spent first going to my mum's uncle house for certain property and personal discussions. Then lunch at a friend's house and then for a long long drive. I came home, exhausted, and just crashed in to bed.
Monday, was quite emotional. Being February the 4th et al. Work, thankfully was calm for a monday. After waking up at 6 AM and running an urgent errand for a friend, headed to office. In the evening had to meet a doctor for a regular check up and then home. In the night had to go to my elder uncle's house, again, for some personal and property discussion and get certain insights on certain issues.
Its been a long long day and the next 3 days promises to be very long and tiring. But like a tiger, i will fight.
God bless you all and good night, 

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