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Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 1147

The week has been a week full of mixed emotions. While at work, finally, i managed to break ice with my reporting manager. He has certain ways in his mind on how work should be done. I have certain ways of my own. Of course i will be listening to him since i report to him and not vice versa. However, what i fail to understand, is why do rules change every day. When i am assigned certain tasks to do in a certain way and then next day, the rules are twisted so that i become the fall guy. I sincerely hope that within the next month, things stabilize and both of us are on the same page. Honestly, i do not want to question any decisions at work since, by far, this is the most ideal job for me. So please pray that things go smoothly for me in my professional front.
Over the last couple of weeks, many people i know are going through a terrible low phase. This could be for any reason. And most of them are spiritually inclined, sensitive, emotional human beings. Some are even light workers.

The link below could help one understand

I am in no position to comment or give any advice to such souls. I can, however, say that at times like these, one only needs companionship of another human being. Not for anything else, but just to hear one out. Here I am not even expecting anyone to provide any positive encouragement, kind words, a heart.....but what is stopping someone to just hear a person out ?

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