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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 1142

So after some initial hiccups, i finally managed to get a hang of my new company systems within just 2 weeks of joining. This is a commendable job because there is no structured training system and neither is there any structured work process in place. Its like being in the battlefield after just 1 day of joining the army. But this is where my past work experience has been extremely helpful. It is also very interesting to finally come out of the whole login and logout process and after almost a decade, work back as a human being and not a robot. So it was also good spending weekend relaxing and generally roaming out with close friend/s without having to worry that one has to go to work next morning. Saturday afternoon was spent going for a drive with a close friend (More details on that in the next few weeks). I was only relaxing in the evening and night. With republic day, it was also a time for the traditional patriotic songs on tv (Most of them are very nice) and then Mangal Pandey - The rising.
Sunday was spent well too. After almost over 2 years, went with the same close friend for a nice buffet lunch at The Shamiana - Taj and then another friend joined us and we went for a drive and cafe. And then i came back home. Spoke to an ex office colleague (And a regular blog reader of mine) and hopefully he will now take some firm steps on certain decisions which has been pending for 2 years now.
And then in the evening went out with the Half Man to play some football. And due to the unusual weather (which is cold and nice actually), many people are falling sick, getting bad throats and even cold. Purav too became a victim. The little fella who never misses an opportunity to go out and play and party (He has been to 4 parties within last 10 days) suddenly kept complaining that he is tired and wants to go home. Turned out he has 101 degrees Celsius fever. Of course once he was back home, he only wanted to jump around and watch some car videos on youtube.
On the other end, all i did was watch tv and surf the net and chat with a few friends online.
Tomorrow marks a very busy week and hopefully it will go as fast as the weekend.
And i am also hoping that this week brings about one of the most important news of my life.
Keeping fingers crossed. 

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