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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 1138

I do realise i am updating my blog after a long time. I am trying my level best to be regular but i have been unusually busy. Busy with what ? Well, my job is from 9:30 to 6 (give or take 30 minutes). Then every evening i am having something or the other to do. And i do it because of many reasons. Either i have to go see a new property to buy. Either i have to go for some legal paperwork to be completed. But majorly, i have been catching up on a whole lot of movies. Between Last Thursday and yesterday i caught up with 5 movies.
1) Table Number 21 - Now this one is an interesting concept but not well executed and has a lot of flaws and unanswered questions. And it reminds one of the Korean Hit Oldboy which was remade years back as Zinda.

2) Inkaar - With director who has given classics like Hazar Khwaishey Aisi and Is raat ki Subah nahi, this one is a major let down. The story line is well meant but the performances are over the top and not at all realistic as its intention.

3) Broken City - Interesting Star cast and based on some issues that lot of people in Bombay (A broken city in itself) are facing.

4) Last Stand - Its Arnie's comeback movie of sorts. He plays his age but its been made for the old time Arnie Fans. There is a lot of meaningless bloodshed and cheesy dialogues and an hilarious story line. But i would still say go watch it for the entertainment value.

5) Les Miserables - Victor Hugo's novel has been made in to a movie, TV Series and a stage musical. This one is a full fledged musical and what stands apart is that the actors have done their own singing in Sync Sound. Very Difficult to do in film making. And if it was not for Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln, Hugh Grant would have very very high chances of getting the best actor oscar. But one never knows what is in store.

Yesterday was also a day when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

There were some company protocols that i was not aware of and unknowingly i didnt abide by them and i got a mini firing from my reporting manager. If that was not all, then due to some systems glitch and partly due to my own negligence i sent a reminder email to a client for some overdue payment even though it was already made. Not a good sign of customer service. While coming back home, i fought with a cab driver and threatened him with dire consequences for refusing fare. I did get in the taxi, only to be stuck in traffic for 1 hour because some rich mother fucker was having hiis/her wedding reception at the famous Turf Club. A distance which ideally shouldnt have taken more than 10 minutes, took an hour. I felt like Michael Douglas in the movie - Falling Down.
I had a massive headache and took a crocin before going off to sleep. I am in no mood to go to office today but as i keep saying, some things are inevitable. 


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  2. Moral of the story Walking is better than cabbing down.