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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 1130

Its been a long time since my last real update. But yes, the last few days have been extremely busy for me. We have been hunting for buying new properties, i have been winding up stuff in my, now ex - office and have caught up a couple of movies in the movie theatre as well. Scrooge and me are actively looking to buy a new property and that has been taking up most of my free time that i get at home. Since the net is the most resourceful tool that is available, its used primarily to check out new and upcoming properties. That is also a main reason why i havent been getting time to update my blog. The last few days at Bahar Infocons have been very memorable. We have had dinner parties, practically every weekend. The last day itself was very memorable, Got lots of farewell gifts.
So here it was 11th January 2013 - After a little over 20 months, i bid adieu to Bahar Infocons Pvt Ltd
To say that it was a good working experience would be an understatement.
Its been a fantastic blend of work and fun and i havent enjoyed my professional life as much as in the last 20 months.

No amount of words can express gratitude for the unconditional support given by Harshal S Kandarkar , Prashant Shirsekar and Jagul Desai for standing by me during some of my personal crisis. And hopefully those days are behind me.

For everyone else, thank you for helping me grow professionally as a person. I will always be in touch. And keep the weekly dinner parties on!!!

That was the end of a journey and beginning of a new one.
In this interim i also saw two movies - The Impossible - which was a well made, underrated and a touching movie about the 2004 Tsunami and how against all odds a family was divided and reunited again. Based on real life incident and reminds one of an old hindi movie - Waqt but thankfully without histrionics.
Also saw, another movie inspired by real life events, The gangster squad. This one was like a typical hindi movie - but bravura performance by Sean Penn. Reminds one of the Untouchables.

It was also a great start to the week in my new job. After almost a decade i was going back to being living a normal human being life. Waking at an earthly hour, going to work at earthly hours and coming back home at earthly hours. It took a long long time, but i believe i have finally reached there.

Now with professional life again coming back to track, i can only be positive that my personal life will be equally peaceful and back on track.
The events over the last 3-4 years have been very taxing emotionally. Been through so many ups and downs.
I wish to settle for once and for good.
I wish to only be in the company of people who are encouraging. People who are emotional and most importantly, people who are sensitive.

We are living in a world where the few people we know who are sensitive and emotional are mostly ridiculed by people. There is no sense of compassion and most of you are extremely selfish and mean to some of us who are not fit in your scheme of things.
I say if only, people become more sensitive, have some more heart (metaphorically speaking), are compassionate towards one another and wish well for everyone..this world world be a much better place to stay.


  1. Hi Milind,

    Congrats!!! Very happy for you.. :-) WIsh You All The Best. Take Care.


    1. Hi Dhriti,
      Thank you.
      It is great to hear from you after a long time.
      How are you doing?

  2. Hi,
    I am doing good. Busy with the projects.


  3. Good you are beginning to realise all that glitters is not gold-very few people genuinely care for you.The list will be smaller and smaller now that you have realised this point which will give you more and more happiness surrounded by true well wishers not fake ones.

    Good you are in a normal time job.This will help you more than you think.

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  5. People like u and me can be sensitive and cry for compassion all v want . but nothing gets into The selfish people of todays World..

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I agree with your view. Its good to be connected to like minded people.