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Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 1119

The first blog of 2013. Its been a good start to the new year. After work on new year's eve, took some time out and went out with a close friend for a long drive. Woke up at ease in the morning. Went for a long walk in the evening with the same friend, after a long long time at Priyadarshini Park. In the night, went to see Jack Reacher. Which i thought was an enhanced version of a random Salman Khan/Rajnikant Movie but more entertaining. Little Purav had a great time because of a long car chase scene.
Went for a morning walk, again, with the same friend and had a long discussion about a lot of things. Work was usual. Last night, went to a friend's house for late night coffee...well i had chocolate milkshake as i am not a tea/coffee person. Was good to spend some time relaxing after work. Today, had a bit of stuff to take care of in the morning and in a while i will be leaving for office. I am more and more eager to start my new job and get a major change in my life. Most importantly, getting back to a normal  9 to 5 kind of life style.

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