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Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 1108

Work at office was normal. We also had a small dinner party , Chinese, at night on saturday. Its a tradition which quite does not stop. Its been quite a weekend otherwise. Most of it has been spent in watching the news channels show the protests in delhi turn from peaceful to violent. Now violent protests are one thing but being politically motivated is something else. And its the latter that one does not approve or subscribe to, 1 unfortunate event and look at how our law and order works..The population of Bombay is around 20 million. The population of Delhi is around 18 million. Bombay has around 41000 cops and Delhi has 57000 cops. A Stunning 25000 cops give security to around 100-150 VIPS in Bombay (These include former criminals). The number is much higher in Delhi due to the presence of political heavyweights. On a very rough average, there is just 1 cop for 1250 people in Bombay and 1 cop for around 2000 people in Delhi.
And i definitely DONT blame any of our police officers for state of law and order in our country. The fact that the people who raped the girl were bought to police custody in less than a week means the cops did a bloody good job.
We have been taught that there are 3 basic necessities in life. I Say its bull shit. We have 6 basic necessities. The other 3 being, Law & Order, Education and Health Care.
This is the perfect time to start a revolution A La Tahir Square

If it is not for the raped victim, its for honest tax paying citizens of this country who have been putting up with Shit for 60+ years.

Just FYI - Did you know that even if you dont fall in the income tax bracket, you STILL end up paying taxes ???
1 unfortunate event and look at how our law and order works..The Metro service to major stations have been shut till further notice. Apparently they dont want protesters coming. And what about people who commute for work ?
As far as protests are concerned, i actually wonder whether this was a large scale protest only because it was a weekend. It would be interesting to see this continue on the weekdays.
There was an interesting quote that i came across a few months back..."Pichle 65 salon me sirf 1 hi cheez par Mehngai ka asar nahin hua Woh hai is Desh ke Neta. . . . Woh Kal bhi Do-kodi ke the Aaj bhi do Kodi ke hi hai . "

I have been told why do i abuse the politicians and why dont I do something. Well, i pay my taxes honestly and contribute to the running of the nation. Since i have different priorities, I do not have the skillset or the required time for nation building or social service. By contributing in the form of taxes and equity investments, i am providing the necessary monetary help required to run the nation. The fact that the government is not doing their job and our honorable PM or president hasnt even spoken about the unfortunate events speaks a lot. And if i abuse them, i am within my constitutional rights. 
Today marks the last week of the year.
Its going to be extremely busy. Got some last league of paperwork to be completed and hopefully i will start the new year afresh.

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