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Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 1105

The last 2-3 days have been very interesting. I have started to go for long long morning walks. Fortunately i have got company with a like minded person and hopefully once that person comes back from a 10 day vacation, the trend will continue. And if not morning walks, atleast we can start evening walks(once i start the new job).
Happened to see a movie - The Collection, which i later found out was a sequel to The Collector. What i thought would be a superb thriller turned out to be a damn squib. A couple of interesting scenes at best.
Now to something which needs serious attention..

Its not been a week and now our media, and even the politicians who till a couple of days back were "protesting" the rape, are now busy covering and analyzing the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh State Elections. One BJP MP was protesting and wanted something to be done about the security of women is now busy laughing and smiling because her party is leading the state elections. In all of this, who is actually supporting the girl ?
I dont know whether the world will end tomorrow or not, i do know one thing, each and every one of the so called keepers of the society have died a little today.

When one's intestines stop working, or if the intestines are injured, its very very difficult to survive. If, miraculously, the person survives, that person will have NOT lead a normal life. Not now not ever. Does anyone know why that person will not have a normal life ?
The intestines help break down and absorb nutrients from food and house beneficial bacteria that break the food down. Like the colon absorbs vitamin K The Stomach really doesn't absorb all the much. colostomy bag, though, which is a bag connected to a tube that comes out the side of your body and collects the excreta and urine. and you have to change the bag frequently.
Imagine carrying that attached bag wherever you go.
And suppose the person has an intestinal transplant...
Please do read the attached pDF..

Do you know why i am writing all this ?
Because our media has now got the "next hot topic of discussion".
The Gujarat and the HP state election. And why Congress won in one state but didnt one in another and why BJP one in one and not in another. There has been constant analysis going on in each and every Indian News channel. Its either that or whether MS Dhoni should be sacked and Sachin Tendulkar should retire. Extremely "Heart Warming" issues.
And all the people who were so angry and flabbergasted and used black spots to protest and silent protests and candle light marches to protest the raped victim's plight are now posting jokes about the doomsday prophecies which is the next hot topic of discussion.

The plight of the raped girl and many other such faceless victims be damned.
Where are all the people who sent me some fake online petitions to sign ? Where are the keepers of the society ??

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