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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 1104

My two cents - It is very interesting to see so many people sending forward messages and expressing their "Anger" against the people who have been accused of brutally gang raping a young woman, whose only fault, was that she caught a wrong bus. There was a guy with her and , i believe, he has suffered serious injuries as well. That no one is talking about him is another story all together. My point is, what exactly will these same set of people who have expressed their views on various social media websites and text messages are going to do 12 days from now ? Let me guess, probably drinking to the core and bringing in 2013. And what about the plight of the girl who got raped ? Girl..who girl ??
And if thats not hurting the girl's emotions, then what is ??
And about this whole lot of bulshit about NDTV petition for capital punishment for rapists..its JUST a f***** opinion poll and NOT any online petition.

If Anyone of you is even remotely interested in filing a real e-petition, please go to the following website:-

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not make a mockery of the girl's plight by expressing your views for a few days and then forgetting about it and moving to the "next hot piece of news". If you really want to do something, move your ass and do something worthwhile (Like filing a real e-petition), or shut your f****** trap.

If you feel, its not worth the effort and you still want to do something, contact the hopsital in new delhi and donate money and keep donating till the time she gets completely discharged from the hospital.

I have said it before and i will say it again, stop talking and start a Tahir Square

PS - Can people stop these f***** pointless candelight marches and peace protests?? Peace Protest is an oxymoron like Customer Service.


  1. agree publicity gimmic trp.

  2. If only all these reach those peoples ears ever.....