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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 1102

Its been a real roller coaster ride this week. The emotions have been at the pinnacle and then nose dived and then again trying to be at the pinnacle. Its said that the energies from the 12th to 21st December are going to be very strong and lots of people are going to face radical changes within themselves.  And many will be uncomfortable, prone to being low and some may even have suicidal tendencies. Trust me, i know how it would feel. So i would request all you kind souls, just try and hold on. You will come out of this difficult phase. If you feel the need to speak out, call up your best friend, express your thoughts via writing, anything else that makes you happy. You dont owe anyone any explanation for your happiness. The last few days were spent in catching up with old friends and some new ones. Had various dinners and lunches and most importantly, we talked. Some serious but most humorous. Caught up with the fat guy after a long time on Sunday. We went to this nice pub, Wild Orchid. Had a superb dinner and laughed like crazy on our whacky jokes. It was a good laugh i had in a very long time. And it is good to be zany like this once in a while. Makes this world a slightly better place to live. I would say, laughter, in itself is a very good therapy. I would also like to share some very important news on this platform. I have put down my papers and I am on a 30 day notice period, starting 12th December 2012. I have got a good opportunity to work with a company called Getty Images. I will be starting work in the middle of next month and it will be a great change because after almost a decade, i will be working normal office hours - 9 am to 6pm types. This change was needed very badly and although it has come late, it has nevertheless come. And i will always be thankful to the one above for showing me the way.
Off late, i have been reading the newspapers and watching the news channel to see that the crime against women have, i believe, shot up adversely. Gang rape in a bus in Delhi(Ironically the rape capital of India), angry men attempting to murder women (Some of them doing the dastardly act only to find its a wrong woman they targetted). And our state and national government worry about whether the FDI bill should be passed or whether the memorial for Balasaheb Thakrey should be kept at Shivaji Park or not.
We need to tackle serious issues with the utmost priority. Crime, unemployment, Health Care, 3 square meals a day for every person living in India, Law and Order, Education...these are issues that need to be tackled. If getting FDI will ensure atleast 4 of these issues are taken care of in a big way, then it is worth the debate. Else, shut the book.

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