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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 1094

Finally, i am back. Quite a lot to write about. I would want to say that the last 2-3 weeks have been very good for me. Whatever has to go right in any aspect of my life, has been going right. I would want to share quite a lot of it with everyone online, but i believe it would be better if i wait for some days and then start sharing it.
Work has been good. Whatever pending work i have had has been finally over and done with. Now, thankfully, its not as stressful as it has been since the last couple of months. Managed to watch Talaash last weekend. And felt the whole suspense part was actually unintentionally hilarious. But atleast its better than the normal hindi movies that one sees every other friday. One of my biggest dreams came true yesterday. Ever since i started to get hooked on to English Music seriously, it was my dream to go for a Guns N Roses Concert and stand right in front of the stage. It almost came true in May 2012 when they were performing in UK, but due to my own travel schedule conflicts, i couldnt go. And when it was casually announced that they would be performing in Bombay around 2 months back, i believe, i was the first one in the city to book the tickets. So not only was i first in the line to get in, i was also in the absolute front row where the only people in front of me were the security guards. It was definitely worth the wait from noon to 7 PM. Guns N Roses performed for 3 hour non stop and played most of their hits. The summit of the performance was Axl Rose played Another Brick in the wall (Surprisingly) and followed it by November Rain. This was truly a night that i will never forget. I will not say that this was the best music concert i have been to (That would be reserved for Kenny G in 2008 as i got to meet my idol) but it was definitely a dream come true. The 20 year wait was  worth all the money spent. I have put a few pictures on facebook for everyone to see and i will, hopefully, upload the rest by Tomorrow evening.
A few days back, i was chatting with a friend from New Delhi. Now, during the course of the conversation, the friend was very insistent that i should be writing a book. If not for any commercial purpose, then perhaps to just let that thing off my back that i should be writing a book. The observations were based on the blog that i write regularly.  Well, writing, like reading, is not an enjoyable hobby. And writing a book (No matter how simple it would be) is an extremely cumbersome task. Another friend of mine from Delhi wants her poems published and even though she has her stuff ready, its been almost 3 years and she hasnt got it done. So one would realise that this is no easy job. However, since my friend was quite keen i write, i will see what can be done. I would rather write something which is not fiction and i have an idea which has been hovering in my head for a while. So hopefully one of these days i will get started and write a book. So, the friend from delhi, thank you for taking time to read my blogs and pushing me to write a book. With your good wishes, i will go ahead with it very soon.
One of my very close friends, Sameer, has come down from LA for a few days with his wife. This is kind of a short trip to India for a wedding and generally catching up with us, school friends. So it was great catching up with him in person(Although i am in touch with him practically every day on gtalk) and having a mini school reunion on the weekend.
Well, time for me to go. I shall hope to update my blog within the next couple of days. 

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  1. Since when i was telling to you write a book.....what are you waiting for my friend...Go for it :)