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Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1087

As i had mentioned, that the last few days have been very positive and its a great spiritual high. And hence, this feeling is continuing. So i sincerely hope and pray with a lot of positiveness that, perhaps, the worst phase of my life is now over and done with. Friday to Sunday was well spent indeed. While it was work as usual, i had to take a half day off on Saturday as there were some guests coming over on Sunday morning/afternoon and there was some cleaning up to do and had to supervise on a few things at home. Sunday was spent with the guests and afternoon in taking a much needed rest. Caught up with someone in the evening for a relatively early dinner and chat at the sun. In the night, Scrooge and me went for a movie - Talaash. Now, generally Aamir Khan, does act in watchable hindi movies. But this one was not without its share of disappointments. What could have been a superb suspense movie, turned out to be just a rehash of Clint Eastwood's Hereafter and Ramsay Brother's Mahakal (No kidding). The movie was a bit long so it was nearly 2 AM till i came home at night. Watched some TV and went to sleep. Had some work in the morning and now will be heading back to office. With the positive energy that has come in the last few days, i  am hoping i will get rid of the monday morning blues. See ya folks soon. 

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