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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 1083

I agree it has been a long time but the last few days, have been very very different. On Saturday, went with my best friend for a short trip out of town. Technically, The Elephanta Caves at Gharapuri is out of town. :)
We were planning for a day long trip to Harihareshwar which is a beach town about 250 KM away from the city but i was too tired to drive. So we took the ferry, went to the caves instead, had a nice time talking and then returned back to the city by around 3 PM. Had a nice heavy lunch at Leopolds and then went to Lamington Road to pick up a few electronic stuff. I was pooped on Saturday. Spoke to a friend from New Delhi for a couple of hours in the evening and got very interesting insights on a lot of things. Sunday was spent,  in the morning having coffee with a friend and then in the afternoon slept for a while. Went to see Life of Pi (Thankfully in 2d) with Scrooge. A movie as interesting as the book. Only wonder whether Irfan Khan will get the nomination for the best supporting actor ?
Monday through today has been interesting. I am going though a radical spiritual change. The feelings that i have got since sunday has been amazing. As if i am at the pinnacle of spiritual high. And i sincerely hope it stays that way. Even work which was piling up like crazy has been at reasonably manageable levels. Yesterday was a bank holiday so a friend wanted to catch up. So we went for an early morning breakfast at Starbucks(Horniman Circle) and had a good time talking and discussing a few things(Hopefully will let you guys know about it in the not so far future). Then went to Crosswords for some book browsing and ended with a nice lunch at New Yorkers.
And then back to work.
Today when i woke up in the morning, i was not feeling too well. Felt like i had fever. Thankfully i didnt but it sure did feel like that. My guess is, its because of the change in weather. Turns out, atleast 3-4 people i know are not at the best of health either. I just hope the weather remains as pleasant as it is right now for a few months. The scorching heat is enough to make anyone mad.
Well, its time for me to get going to work and analyze some mind numbing data.
See ya guys soon. 

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