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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 1074

Mondays have always been bad. After the weekend, getting back to work is as good/tough as climbing Mount everest. Atleast thats what i can tell about the workload in front of me. I had gone to work early as i was summoned to take certain videos of the office Diwali Decorations. I did that and hopefully within a day or two, i should edit it, add some background music and give it to my boss. There was, also, an interesting piece of news. Someone had put a status on their facebook wall expressing views against the forced bandh over the weekend. Someone else liked that status and both women were arrested under various laws of the Indian Penal Code. Media outrage and outrage on the social media sites ensured that they got the bail.
My point is, with strict facebook security, how did a person, having no links with the women concerned, have access to the wall ? And their address ? My guess is, someone the women knew, saw the status, probably got hit where it hurt the most and did what he/she felt was worth doing.
My concern still remains the same. If people who have expressed displeasure against the cops/Shiv Sainiks/etc over the arrest of women are so angry, what are you doing ?
Again, how is writing stuff on facebook against them going to do anything. There are certain rights that the law has given you. If you have the balls, go snatch it. Dont just sit on the fence.

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