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Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 1070

And yesterday was, kind of, the last day of Diwali celebration. Since Diwali is always, a week long affair, most people have taken the entire diwali week off and have rushed out of town or just sitting at hom rejuvenating. Some lesser mortals have, however, to be at work, Yesterday, the streets were more empty than usual. Primarily because of the Bal Thackrey's critical health and no one wanted to take a chance to come out in fear of being lynched. This despite the fact that Thackrey Jr gave public statement to everyone to  maintain calm and pray for Thackrey Sr's health. Well, lets see who listens and what happens in the next few days to come. We were meant to have a party in the evening by ordering some good chinese food from 5 Spice, but sadly they had pulled the shutters down like many shops and establishments in Mahim - A stronghold of Shiv Sena. So we decided to order Mughlai from an eatery nearby and had a slightly somber party. With the temperatures dipping slightly, it is also becoming difficult to wake up in the mornings. Thankfully since i work as per European timings, i can sleep till late . And now its time for me to head to work.
Thankfully its the last day at work and got the weekends off. The last time, we will be having a saturday off this year. Planned for a short and much needed trip out of town for the weekend. Will try and update my blog from there, time permitting.
See ya soon. 

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