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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 1069

The Hindu New year has started. It was a very long day yesterday which didnt end till atleast 2 AM. Was up for a 19 and a half hours. Non Stop. Woke at 6:45 AM, went to the temple and then headed for the mission that i spoke about yesterday. Unfortunately it didnt work in my favor so, yes, it was a tad disappointing. After that went to meet my best friend for a bit and it was good catching up with him in person after a long time. Then back to same ol' work. Once again, it didnt feel the best of moods, to be at work during a holiday. And sadly, it got reflected because it took a very huge effort to finish allocated stuff which ideally should have been done in half the time that it took. Well, guess its one of those days. It was a while before i could sleep in the night. Majorly because i was hooked on to the news for a while. The major highlight being, Critical Health of Former Shiv Sena Chief and Founder - Bal Thackrey. Now this is one person who always had the pulse of Maharashtra in his hand. Extreme right winger and eccentric (for a lack of better word) who has been gathering momentous support on one issue - Maharashtra for Marathis. He has had this agenda for over 50 years now and frankly, even though he had the best intention in his mind, he has never implemented it. And i am pretty sure he or the party he formed will never do it. Its a political issue which has to stay alive for him to get support. I would actually call him, a person with right ideas but who, purposely, chose not to do anything about it. Anyways, i care 2 hoots about it. Right now the situation is that, apparently, he is on life support. This means, like i have seen in the past, he would already be brain dead and its just a matter of time before the news comes out of his death. The issue is, the so called "Emotional" Shiv-Sainiks will probably call for a Maharashtra Bandh. Which means, no work, no outings and probably all travel plans and any other plans scheduled will be cancelled. These guys are known for their violent ways and the common man doesnt want to take any chance. Whether this will help him gather votes for the 2014 elections is something that we need to watch. But one thing is there, they will never have my support. 

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