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Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 1066

Yet another weekend comes to an end. Doesnt make an inch of difference as i work on saturdays, but still.
Friday night, Scrooge and me decided to catch a movie. The name is Stolen. Directed by Simon West who has given us, earlier, The Expendables - 2. Now Stolen is a poor man's version of Taken which itself was not a great movie. And Nicolas Cage's role should have been replaced by Rajnikant. So now you know the entire story line.
Saturday was the monthly event day at office. I reached office a bit late and i was the official camera man. But i had reasons. I was speaking to an ex-office colleague who wanted to discuss on how to go about handling certain unwanted situations that will be faced by him/her in the next few weeks. Since i had been a part of that mess i gave the ex-office colleague the tips required. Now hopefully everything will go smoothly. So  it was a fun filled Saturday. With all the teams coming up with 10 minute skits and eventually my team winning the 1st prize. That we shared it with 2 other teams and that was absolutely nonsense is another thing all together. In the night we had a dinner party at office and that was the end of Saturday.
Sunday was almost usual. Except this time, after waking up, went to shop something for Diwali. Bought Lights, Lanterns, Sparklers, Colors, Earthen Lamps etc.  Slept for a bit in the afternoon and in the evening caught up with a friend for an early Dinner at oven Fresh.
Monday, when i woke up, for a few minutes i thought it was a sunday, because of the Diwali mood and then i soon realised that it was obviously not the case. I went to Lamington Road and got a Multi Card Reader at dirt cheap rate.
Transferred and edited some videos to be given to Boss for Saturday's events. The pictures are up on Facebook for everyone to see.

If you cant view them, please do let me know via comments.

Well, its back to office with loads of work waiting for me.
Will try and update my blog all this week, lets see how it works out.

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