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Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 1063

As i had mentioned, this is going to be a one long week. Next week too. There is work as usual. And last few weeks its been lots and lots of it. And since its Diwali time, as the tradition goes, everyone is doing spring cleaning, decorating their homes, eating lots of sweets and generally having a good holiday time. Since the dynamics of my office forces me to stay in office during these days, we have been doing Diwali celebrations at office. The entire office is being decorated (pictures of which should be up by Sunday Night), and since most of the office staff is doing that, work has gone for a severe toss. Unfortunately, i cant be a party to this celebration (much to the annoyance of my team mates) because the work that i do, is not backed up. It means, if i dont do my work, apart from my reporting manager, no one else knows how to do it. And even if they do, there is no way in hell that they would be able to do it at my speed. Even my own boss will not be able to do it. But what i would do, is perhaps, reach office early and help the guys with decorations and then start work. That way the team wont be annoyed and I will get my work done as well. I was also in for a surprise. I had gone to the infamous Ration Card office for some changes to be done, and surprise of surprise, there was no line, the person explaining me the paper work was courteous. Something which is not expected in an Indian Government office, least of all the Ration Card office. Yesterday was spent in sending Diwali Cards to people i consider close. This was a tradition that we started few years back when mum was around but it didnt last more than 1 season. I am hoping to start the tradition again. And hopefully by Sunday, i should be done with spring cleaning of my own home. Well, its almost time for lunch and then a power packed day at work.
See ya soon. 

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