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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1055

One of the most annoying task in India, is to deal with Government organizations. As many of you may have heard of would have personally experienced, there is no sense of customer service and absolutely no sense of ownership of issues. 2 of the most important things which should be considered while providing service. I went to the LIC office before my work on Wednesday. The task was simple, i had to inform them that last year, i had submitted relevant documents to ensure that all the money that my family will now get from LIC of India will be submitted directly to our respective bank accounts. No hassles of lost cheques. And guess what, they wanted me to submit the paperwork all over again. Reason being, that besides loosing the paperwork that i gave them last year, their systems were not updated with the relevant software despite all the offices actually having huge boardings encouraging people to go paperless. Aaaargh.
They are going to have a nasty time on Monday. Watch this space for more.
Then i reached office for another extremely busy day. Since Diwali is coming soon, the entire office is in buzz about how to decorate the place and the eventful week that we will have like last year.
Today morning, went out with a couple of office colleagues for a First Day First Show of Skyfall. The latest James Bond movie which is said to have been inspired by film making style of The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight as well. A very interesting premise but like all James Bond Movies, one where you have to leave your brains at home. I mean come on, does James Bond ever die ? It is answered in the movie towards the end - James Bond will be back. There is absolutely no suspense but still its worth watch. And with the super chilled AC of Metro Cinema, one could actually feel being in London and Scotland where the movie was shot. And then it was back to work.
We had a heated meeting where 1 of my office colleague, and rightly so, was pissed off at another arrogant person. If one person is giving a suggestion and the other person feels its not worth it and interrupts, then the other person better have something substantial to offer or he/she should shut the fuck up. And thats exactly what happened in our meeting. I will not go in to the details of the meeting, but the gist is, have respect for another person's opinion. Hear that person out and if you dont liike the suggestion, reason with it AND offer something more substantial.
Again, there was a lot of work that was lying with me with very limited time to do it. Fortunately, tomorrow, i am expecting very little work from one of my usually high places so i will be able to do most of the pending work.
So weekend, is almost near. Not that it matters to me as i work 6 days a week for 3 weeks in a month but this weekend, i have a few things lined up so i am hoping all of them go positively and with the intention that i approach it.
See you everyone.

PS - Thank you GK for taking out time to read and comment on some of my blogs. I will surely give you a hard copy of the blog but it will take time since its 3 years of data that i need to print out. Would cover over 1000+ pages.(And thats not even including some pictures i have taken).
Thanks for being so understanding. 


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  2. why dont you keep copies of what you give to lic etc so you can give the same thing to them.also why dont you use couriers to send papers to them rather than going eprsonally for such minor things of a hectic day.

    1. I did have the paperwork. Still, as usual, they shrugged and said i will have to submit it again. Its like banging one's head against a wall.
      Also, no government organization in India will ever do your job if you send them courier/mail. I mean, firstly, since there is no one who wants to be held accountable, it will get lost somewhere. Imagine, personally going didnt serve any purpose, what would sending a courier do ?

  3. you should send to the name of the concerned person by a reliable courier instead of being a courier yourselves.

    1. Sadly Indian Government organizations dont work in such a way. :( One of those things that we are living with it for decades now. :(