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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 1053

Monday mornings, as usual, have been terrible. One wakes with the feeling that there is no way on earth that one has to be at work. Whether its a school principal, a worker or a boss for that matter. No one likes to at work on Monday. Some express it vocally. Some dont. But sub-conciously every one has that monday morning blues. So what is the solution ? Well, many countries have comedy shows on Monday nights on Televison or Stages. Some countries have special sporting events on Monday nights. Whether its American football or Soccer or Wrestling. And then there are some, like me, who would want to see a movie in a movie theatre in the night. Just to chill. And i did just that. Went to See Ted on Monday Night. Was pleasently surprised to see the theatre full. Even another movie, Argo, was full. Full of people who had, i am pretty sure, a bad dose of monday morning blues and who just wanted to let their hair down and relax. And the movie was worth it. It was an extremely Vulgar, tongue-in-cheek comedy movie and an absolute laugh riot at that. Mark Wahlberg was a miscast and one missed Adam Sandler(Specially with the references to the 80s). I came home after the movie and then booked the 1st day 1st show for Skyfall for Thursday Morning. One doesnt miss a James Bond Movie. Today morning i woke early and just rushed out of home to see a Hindi Movie - Chakravyuh. An interesting take on the Naxalite Movement. Only wish the star cast, except for Manoj Bajpai, was better cast. Still it was better than the routine trash that comes out in the name of Hindi Movies. Had a nice lunch at Bombay Blues(After a long time) and now almost reaching office.
So its been 2 days of mixed emotions(of sorts) and hopefully the remainder of the week will pass peacefully.

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