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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 1052

What a peaceful weekend. No one at home. Weekends off from work. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Saturday morning, i was awakened by an unnecessary phone call but still managed to sleep till late. Woke up at ease. Surfed the net for a while, had a shower, ate some fruits and had some milk and relaxed. In the afternoon i went for a movie - Cloud Atlas. Now i wouldnt have seen this movie, but because it starred Tom Hanks, i wouldnt have missed it for any thing in this world. It was a very intense movie and very spiritual as well. A thinking film after a long time. And this makes my belief in not watching hindi movies even more stronger. Yes you have odd movies like GOW which are classics but those come, perhaps, just 1 for 199 other crap that comes along. After that i came home, and took my man friday out for a dinner. To mum's fav place, The Sun. Came home and watched some TV - Specially the movie Paranormal Activity 3 on the pc and then went to sleep. Didnt think too much of it, was just about ok. Sunday was again very peaceful. In the afternoon, went to see Paranormal Activity 4 and the last 5 minutes was when i felt i got the money's worth. And after ages, did some much needed grocery shopping. Towards, evening, i went to my boss's house. Had to discuss a few things and it was very nice and kind of him t give me a listening ear at a time when he could have just relaxed and enjoyed at home. Had a healthy discussion over a number of topics. In the night, ordered some italian/mediterranean take away from ate-o-ate and then just watched some tv. This weekend, i had planned on a trip to a small beach town called Harihareshwar. But i was too damn tired to do anything. I felt i needed some alone time and thankfully i got plenty of that. Well, the weekend has ended, and a brand new week starts. I know, there are atleast half a dozen things to be done, paper work to be completed and a whole load of work that has to be done in office as well. And this week is going to be very very very hectic.
So its now time to work hard and then after that, enjoy harder.
See ya folks soon.
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