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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 1044

This has been an interesting week. So besides it was the usual burden of work at office, Friday to Sunday were very very interesting days. I will start with Thursday. After an early morning shift, i went to pick SX4 from service centre and then came home by 5 PM. Was visibly exhausted as i didnt get too much sleep. But when the little fella wants to go out for a stroll, one cant say no. So took Purav out. We initially went to the local Durga Mata Mandal where we paid respect to the Durga Idol. Next stop was the SOBO central mall. Now i just wanted to take Purav out for a stroll, but the smart guy held my hand, and took me to the 4th floor and specifically to the toys section and emotionally black mailed me in to getting another set of Toy Cars. I had to give in as i just cant say no to him. Came home, watched some tv and slept early as had to reach office by 9:30 AM. It was a normal day at work and in the evening had to meet a friend at Goregaon. Reaching there was a nightmare. The traffic was literally bumper to bumper and what should have taken me 30-45 minutes, took me 90 minutes. Had a nice dinner and then dropped the friend home and returned.
This saturday was event day. The event of the month, in sync with ongoing festivities, was Garba. So we were off the floor for nearly 3 and a half hours and while many of them participated in the garba, i did what i do the best on such occassions. Sit, eat some food and enjoy watching other people dance. Of course coming back to office by 4:30 PM and stating work was extremely heart breaking and no one i know was in the mood to do that, but somehow we managed.
I finished by 6:30PM and went to meet a friend and have early dinner at Pritam. Again, to reach From The West of Dadar to East shouldnt have taken more than 10 minutes by road, but again it took 45 minutes. But it was worth it as we had a nice dinner and spoke a lot, and quite a lot of it was spiritual. After that had sme nice desserts at Oven Fresh. Went to drop the friend home and then came back. I was visibly tired when i came home and i just crashed in to bed. When i woke up at around 11 on a sunday morning, i had a massive headache. Seemed that the driving in the chaotic traffic, piles of work had finally taken a toll. Had to take a stronger dose of crocin. And the Charlie Sheen Dialogue from 2 and a half men came in to my mind -Oh why can't I just black out in peace?

Then again i went out in the afternoon, and this time thankfully there was not too much traffic. This time i went to New Bombay..Specifically to Seawoods. The drive on the Palm Beach road was awesome. And the weather was very nice too. And was great catching up with a good friend after many days.
Coming back home, heard the news that the veteran film-maker Yash Chopra died. This was 3 weeks before his, now, last directed movie was meant to be released. What was interesting was the cause of death. Multiple organ failure. How did that happen ? He was diagnosed with dengue and was admitted to the ICU a week back. My guess is that it would have been a case where the virus reached the brain and he would have developed an haemorrhage and this would have eventually lead to death.
The same way in which my mum died.
The last 1 to 1 and a half odd years has seen deaths of many people from this film industry. Have grown up watching many of their films.
Many years back i was having a conversation with Scrooge. That we will actually live to see many famous personalities dying. And some of them have personal idols. And the time has started. Sports Personalities, Media Barons, Politicians, People who were in many to name.
And now i shall go to sleep.
This will be a long and an interesting week. Hope someone up there listens to me. Listens to my prayers.

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